One Piece leaks the true identity of Dr Vega Punk

This article will contain spoilers

Eiichiro Oda’s oeuvre took a big break before continuing into the final arc and it looks like this one proves that it was worth the wait. This article will contain spoilers, if you don’t want to spoil your experience.come back after having read it in MangaPlus by Shueisha. On this occasion, we will address One Piece chapter 1061 spoilers that finally show a possible appearance of Dr. Vega Punk.

Before continuing, it should be noted that these are leaks made by One Piece fans unofficially, so until we have a few more chapters, we will not be able to confirm if what is mentioned in them is true or not. Now, Dr. Vegaunk is very important within the lore of the franchise, Dr. Vegapunk is the main scientist of the Navy. His work includes discovering the secrets and applications of sea stone, as well as the secrets of the exact workings of the Devil Fruit powers.

His importance lies in the research he conducts for the World Government to decipher ancient technology. Before being hired by the World Government, Vegapunk was part of an illegal scientific research group known as MADS, where he worked alongside other notable scientists such as Vinsmoke Judge and Queen before being arrested and later inducted into the Navy.

Despite his worth within the story, his appearance had not been finalized until now and, in fact, One Piece fans they are skeptical about their “possible appearance” in the manga leaks. Some of the first and important indications that are made is the “02” that he wears on his suit. The person who calls himself Dr. Vegapunk could, in fact, be a clone or alternate version of the original.

This assumption does not escape the field of the impossible, taking into account the great knowledge that this doctor possesses, which would make it quite feasible for him to build androids at his service (perhaps a nod to Dr. Gero from Dragon Ball Z). There are even those who point out that the “02” could mean that she is the daughter or granddaughter of the original Dr. Vegapunka kind of family lineage.

The importance of Dr. Vegapunk in One Piece

If you are not a person very close to the One Piece fandom, this name may not be as familiar to you as Sanji, Zoro or Luffy, or even their most popular antagonists like Big Mom or Kaido. However, Dr. Vegapunk has a prevalent role within the Marine force. Through his research he discovered a way to allow Navy ships to cross the Calm Belt without fear of being attacked by the Sea Kings, by lining the ships’ hulls with seastone. He also knew how a person gets the powers of a devil fruit and He was responsible for formulating the method that allows the power of a Devil Fruit to be transferred to inanimate objects such as swords or cannons..

one piece vegapunk

Despite the self-appointment of a new character as Dr. Vegapunk, his true identity seems to remain a mystery in One Piece.

Vegapunk is the one who turned Bartholomew Kuma into a cyborg, and has produced many replicas of him known as Pacifistas, installing some Pika Pika no Mi abilities into their bodies in the process. These replicas bleed real blood. However, none of the replicas have the power of Kuma’s Nikyu Nikyu no Mi. After the timeskip, Sentomaru revealed that the latest Pacifista models had been much more heavily modified, but they have not been shown yet.