One Piece: Luffy describes Gear Fifth in a way you don’t expect

Luffy gives a description that is not what many expected.

One Piece is a series that has been publishing the manga and broadcasting the anime for more than 20 years behind it, leading to the fact that in the arcs of Wano and Egghead are making mistakes due to all the open frames and the need to solve them all before the imminent end of the series, which, according to what has been known, is only a few years away from happening.

Be that as it may, it must be said that, despite these errors, the Wano Arc brought great moments to One Piece, being that it was precisely at its climax, when Luffy was facing Kaido that we could see how the captain of the Straw Hats and protagonist got access the full power of your devil fruitwhich manifested with the Gear Fifth technique.

Freedom is the best definition that could be given to Gear Fifth

One Piece: Luffy describes Gear Fifth in a way you don't expect

Luffy could use Gear 5 again in his fight against Blackbeard

Given this, it should be noted that this is, by far, luffy’s ultimate form, being so that many users have imagined that this would define the transformation as the strongest he has had, since, after all, he becomes the sun god Nika. However, the surprise has come with Luffy’s definition to his new transformationbeing so that this defines it as free in English, that is, free.

This has been known through a conversation that Luffy had with Jewelry Bonney in chapter 1061 of the manga, thus giving rise to luffy feel free with this form, this being something that makes sense if we take into account that Nika is treated as a liberator of slaves, in the same way that the drums of liberation were always referred to as the moment approached, this being something quite curious if we take into account that Luffy is unaware of this context and the entire history of Nika and Joy Boy.

Therefore, it remains to be seen whether in the future Luffy knows the implication of his new transformationalthough, until that moment arrives, it will be necessary to remain attentive to the adventures of the Straw Hats in Egghead.

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