One Piece: Luffy is much smarter than you think and this is the proof of it

An encounter with an old enemy shows Luffy’s capabilities.

One Piece is undergoing several changes currently in the face of entering its final arc, being so that these range from small details such as the jinbei new designas well as the fact that the battle between the World Government and the pirates It seems to get closer every day. And this is obviously going to bring a lot of tail on characters like Luffy, who looks like he’s already preparing for war through powerful new techniques.

Of course, it should be noted that if Luffy has been characterized by something throughout all this time, it is by the fact of being a clown and immaturegiving on many occasions the feeling of being a very naive character who does not know even half of the things they say to him, this being something quite common if we see Goku. However, a new detail would show us that Luffy would be smarter than he seems.

The appearance of a copy of Kuma makes Luffy’s intelligence clear.

One Piece: Luffy is much smarter than you think and this is the proof of it

Luffy as a child in One Piece

This has happened in chapter 1063, where after arriving at Egghead Island it has been seen that Luffy, Chopper, Jinbe and Bonney have found various creations of doctor Vegapunkincluding a cyborg much like Kuma, but which Luffy recognizes as a completely different one whom we know.

This is something that has made him stand out quite a bit, as even Bonney, his own daughter, has been unable to distinguish between this copy and its parentwhich gives rise to that more intelligent side of Luffy capable of distinguishing even the most insignificant and imperceptible details.

In this way, it can be seen that, despite everything, Luffy is quite aware of the world around him. despite his carefree attitude, thereby giving rise to a clear view of character evolution during all these years. We will have to see at what point Luffy ends up knowing that his dream of being the King of the pirates is getting closer to being fulfilled every day.

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