One Piece: Luffy receives a new fan art that redesigns Gear Fifth

the anime of one piecehas become one of the great favorites among fans, so it is not surprising that he constantly receives new works as gifts from his followers, and now, a new piece has been revealed.

You see, this is a new fan art with an old Japanese style ukiyo-e, where we can see Luffy from One Piece celebrates his coronation as Emperor of the Four Seas with a glorious reveal of his Fifth Gear formation, the likes of which we have never seen before.

The Emperors of the Four Seas, are the four pirate leaders that the World Government considers the most dangerous by the government, so this ultimately becomes both a blessing and a curse, since on the one hand it gives you status as a pirate and worldwide recognition that make life easier, but on the other, makes the pirate not only a target of the World Government, but also of all pirates, buccaneers or criminals with visions of greatness.

Now, this version shows us Luffy, becoming one of them, after having defeated Kaido, something that he could only achieve with his powers of Gear Fifthwhere we saw him delivering a long epic battle that at the end, has managed to remain in the memory of the fans.

We must recognize that this style of art is very much in keeping with the pirate masters, since this new fan artuses the Japanese ukiyo-e painting style, a style that became popular shortly after the unification of Japan under the shogun began as a form of entertainment for the growing business class developing in a peaceful Japan, that is, this art, enjoyed only by the wealthy, but with the ability of ukiyo-e masters to mass-produce art, it soon became common for even the lowest of society to have a high-quality painting hanging on the wall.

The creator behind this excellent work calls himself Justin, and he is originally from Taipei, Taiwan, you can find him along with several interesting pieces with a very marked style on his official Twitter as @Justin96636, where he has more than 48 thousand followers, showing original art from One Piece, Dragon Ball, and much more. more anime. We hope this fan art work has been to your liking, and please continue on eGames News.