One Piece: Luffy will finally meet his father and change the series forever

Luffy and Dragon will be face to face for the first time.

The development that the most recent arc of one piece has really been transcendental in the seriessince it has revealed a large part of the mysteries and best kept secrets of this work, tracing the path for the surprising events that are to come

Likewise, the information you have supplied Dr.Vegapunk to the Straw Hats, has served for these pirates to know a little about the history of the Empty Century and the implication that the World Government has had in these events.

On the other hand, the most recent chapter of the manga has hinted at a possible meeting between Luffy and his father, since Dragon and company seem to be heading to Egghead. Next, we tell you the details.

This post Contains spoilers from Chapter #1067 of the One Piece manga.

Finally Luffy will be face to face with Dragon

Luffy and Dragon will finally be face to face because of what the last chapter hints at.

Luffy and Dragon will finally be face to face because of what the last chapter hints at.

The new arc of One Piece is adding important information in each chapter that it broadcasts, as these have been full of great events that have caused a great impact on the followers.

The most recent chapter, has hinted that Luffy could meet your father sooner than expected, since the last panel of the manga put that probability on the table.

Dragon has been one of the characters more mysterious that One Piece has, since his few appearances have been extremely brief, so not much is known about his history, only that he is Luffy’s father and the founder of the Revolutionary Army. However, this could be about to change, as it is presumed that Dragon will be face to face with the Straw Hat in Egghead.

The chapter #1067Vegapunk is explaining and providing more information to the Straw Hats, about the Empty Century, and how he has been in charge for several years of trying to discover how some of these inventions worked that date from this time. Also, this scientist tells them about his extensive work to discover the greatest mysteries of the world.

However, during this chapter it is observed that the CP0 has reached Egghead, with the excuse of returning a Kuma-inspired Seraphim to this island. However, this group of assassins has other intentions in this place, because they have orders to kill Jewelry Bonney and Dr.Vegapunk.

Rob Lucci and CP0 arrive at Egghead

Rob Lucci and CP0 arrive at Egghead

On the other hand, the arrival of CP0 seems to have activated some kind of alarm in the original Kuma, which was undergoing repairs after being recovered by the revolutionaries, since this former shichibukai began to move on its ownrunning to an unknown place, which is probably Egghead, followed by Dragon and some members of the Revolutionary army.

Kuma could be heading to Egghead

Kuma could be heading to Egghead

Everything seems to indicate that Kuma goes to Eggheadbecause Vegapunk and his daughter Bonney are in serious danger.

Should this island be Kuma’s destination, Dragon will meet Luffy much sooner than previously thought, as the Straw Hats are known to be in this location.

This meeting could bring unintended consequencescompletely changing the series, as Luffy will have the opportunity to be face to face with his father and learn more about his history.

The meeting between Luffy and Dragon could change the course of this series

Dragon and Luffy could be about to meet

Dragon and Luffy could be about to meet

It is well known that Luffy he has never met his fatherbecause for strange reasons or circumstances he left him in the care of his grandfather, Monkey D. Garp.

Dragon, Luffy’s father, has been one of the most mysterious characters in the work, since he is surrounded by great enigmas, since there is not much information about his history or past, since he has had a very minimal participation in the series. However, everything seems to indicate that this will have its first meet face to face with the Straw Hat, for what has been observed in the last chapter of the manga.

A possible encounter between Dragon and Luffy it would change the series completelysince both are declared enemies of the World Government, so it would not be unreasonable to imagine that they face the CP0 in Egghead, forming an alliance to save Dr.Vegapunk and Bonney, and keep safe all the information and inventions that this scientist has made.

Likewise, if there was such a long-awaited meeting between Luffy and his father, I could know more about the leader of the Revolutionaries and his story that will surely have important consequences for the future of the series and for the Straw Hat who will finally meet his father.