One Piece: Luffy will keep Ace’s promise to Yamato

As we all know now, Yamato has met Ace “Burning Fists” at one point before the Straw Hats arrive in Wano. This meeting made it possible to better understand who is Yamatoand its relation to Ace. There was a lot of hate towards Yamato since its inception, but we believe that this hatred is quite misplaced.


The identifying alias of Yamato (Oden Kozuki) is just that, an alias given to herself by herself because she has a purpose she wants to fulfill.

Yamato Daughter Of Kaido

As shown in the image below, Yamato led the only active effort to resist Kaido. for years because, to his knowledge, the Akazaya Nines were all dead. She has ALWAYS been an ally to the crew – years before we even met them.

One Piece Yamato

The encounter with Ace sparked his active rebellion against Kaido. Ace told him to stop leaving Kaido chain his heart.

Yamato Ace

And Luffy physically freed her.

Luffy Yamato The Wish


Here we learn the reason for his self-stylization. The alias of Yamato, Odenwas the symbol of the freedom.

Yamato Luffy

Yamato’s desire for freedom was so great that as a child, she unlocked her Innate Conqueror’s Haki.

Yamato Youth

Yamato has stated several times that she will be part of the Straw Hat crew and will go to sea with Luffy. And not once Luffy denied his request.

Yamato Joins The Straw Hats

Even now in chapter 1051 Yamato was shown to be accepted by the entire crew:

Luffy's deal

And to those who claim she will never be allowed on the ship because she knows where Laugh Tale is or what One Piece is… Well, Momonosuke confirmed that someone (presumed to be Oden) deleted all important details of the trip he was on to prevent the wrong hands from learning anything before Wano opens its borders.

dragon one piece

In sum, Ace told Yamato to find Luffy if he never came back. This implies thatAce made a promise through time for Yamato to join the Straw Hat crew under the orders of Luffy – a promise that Luffy would never fail to hold on for love’s sakeAce.