One Piece Luffy’s Devil Fruit May Have Undergone a Big Change


There are many mysteries surrounding the Devil Fruit, will there be a more powerful awakening for Luffy?

If you have not been very aware, we must warn you before you proceed that there will be massive spoilers for One Piece chapter 1043.

Finally One Piece has reached one of the most important points of the Wano Country arc and Luffy and Kaido’s big fight on top of the Skull Dome is the only event left to resolve before Onigashima crashes into the Flower Capital of Wano. Luffy has put all his efforts to defeat Kaido by all means, but the last chapter left him in such a difficult situation that he did not seem to have a chance to achieve his goal. Sadly, this becomes the case, and with that loss another set of questions has also been triggered.

Luffy’s powers probably don’t actually come from the Devil Fruit.

After the last arcs some questions about Luffy’s devil fruit have been left up in the air, and the more we learn about Wano’s possible links to One Piece’s own treasure, the more the subject of Luffy’s fate is brought to the fore. Until now, the government had paid a lot of attention to it for various reasons, and the end of chapter 1043 allows him to transform or harness what is possibly the power of the legendary Joy Boy, which has called into question what is the true power of Luffy. In the meantime, we might think that Luffy has eaten something that only looks and acts like the Gum-Gum Fruit, but what if it’s some other kind of power that we don’t know about?

The most interesting information from some time here appears during chapter 1042, when Luffy is using his Gear Fourth Snakeman punches against Kaido. The Emperor wonders how Luffy is bending the trajectory of his attacks, and precisely points out that “Given the nature of rubber, that’s impossible.” This could be a simple comment from the Emperor, but as One Piece fans know, any little detail could be a big omen. Add to this the fact that the Bubblegum Fruit was revealed to be previously in the World Government’s possession before Shanks got hold of it (and Luffy ate it, of course), and the mystery deepens.

Could Luffy be a Joy Boy?

At the end of chapter 1043, Luffy’s heart starts to beat in such a way that Zunesha recognized it as the Joy Boy from 800 years ago. Luffy breaks into a smile despite being completely unconscious moments before, and his body begins to rebuild itself from the liquid rubber. This further complicates the context, since “given the nature of the gum”, as Kaido would say, that depiction of a resurgence also fails to give the visual indication that it is some kind of Gum-Gum ability. If Luffy’s Devil Fruit were more than just rubber, it would also make more sense that there is something behind his mysterious powers.

Luffy has not only been seen as a great threat by the World Government, like any other pirate, but he has also been targeted for assassination by the Elders themselves. Plus, it’s such a recent event that it doesn’t seem like it’s suddenly more relevant to the story, either. Luffy has been doing the same thing he has done throughout the series and has only challenged authorities on a larger scale in both the law and pirate worlds, and yet he was never interrupted in the way that he was. it was now. A CP0 member was forced to break up the fight with Kaido because, for some reason, now is when a victory for Luffy could be something extremely important.


In short, at the end of the Dreaming we learn that Luffy (and Shirahoshi) had drawn the wrath of the king from the center of the world, and all of this leads us to the same question: why now? There are many possibilities that could lead us to understand why it is now that Luffy has risen to such prominence in the world of One Piece. Nevertheless, it all goes back to his Devil Fruit. There are many mysteries about how it works and, more specifically, under what conditions the awakenings are activated.. What if Luffy’s Devil Fruit power hasn’t fully awakened yet? It might even require greater maturity to reach a more powerful awakening. But the question that remains is, if Luffy’s devil fruit power isn’t rubber, what power could he hide behind it?

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