One Piece: Luffy’s father may be the key to Zoro’s true origin

This could give us clues to the end of the Oda franchise

A One Piece fan theory connects Luffy’s mysterious father to the Wano Shimotsuki clan, whose last descendant could be Zoro, the swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates. According to what the fandom thought, Luffy and Zoro’s parents are connected by past events, which adds a whole new dimension to their bond..

But, let’s go in parts to understand this peculiar theory: Instead of a pirate like his son, Dragon is the leader of the Revolutionary Army, a military organization that tries to end the powerful World Government. As part of this organization, he openly opposes any established form of order and foments worldwide riots or uprisings against power. Although little is known about the depth of Dragon, something that we can’t ignore is the tattoo on his face that, according to a part of the fandom, could have been worn by the late swordsman of Wano, Ryuma.

Ryuma was a powerful samurai from the Shimotsuki family of Wano Country, whose sword skills earned him the nickname “Sword God”. Centuries after his death, Ryuma’s grave was raided and his corpse and sword were stolen by Gecko Moria, who used his Devil Fruit powers to reanimate him as one of his zombie generals. In his kimono, Ryuma wears a symbol almost identical to Dragon’s tattoo, with a kanji in the middle meaning “dragon”, which could point to a connection between Luffy’s father and the Shimotsuki clan..

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But how does this connect to Zoro? The swordsman hails from the Shimotsuki village in East Blue. The town’s history is very peculiar, as it was founded by the legendary wordmaster Shimotsuki Kozaburo, a rare case of a Wano citizen leaving his homeland. Kozaburo. He opened a dojo to teach Wano swordsmanship, which was inherited by Koushirou, Zoro’s teacher. In a recent flashback from the Wano Arc showing some of his past, Dragon is seen visiting Shimotsuki village with the Revolutionary Army and receiving supplies from the village dojo.. This led to a lot of speculation about the connection between Dragon and Koushiro. Although Oda has not wanted to answer the questions about it, we can assume that there is something that is not letting us see and here is the second part of the theory.

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There is a possibility that Dragon met him before when he visited Wano Country in the past, as he needs power and knowledge to destroy the World Government and the Heavenly Dragons. Eighteen years prior to the current events of One Piece, the last descendant of the Shimotsuki clan in Wano, Shimotsuki Ushimaru, was killed in an attempt to prevent the pirate Kaido from taking over the island. This is where the theory gets very interesting, because Ushimaru could actually be Zoro’s father.

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Zoro’s father in One Piece is Shimotsuki Ushimaru?

When Shimotsuki Ushimaru was shown in a One Piece flashback, he looked almost identical to a aged version of Zoro, a tool Oda has used in the past to signify the genetic relationship between two characters. His sword techniques are also very similar, suggesting a connection between the two that was reinforced when Zoro’s final attack against King looked exactly like Ryuma decapitating the dragon in Monsters.

Finally, Oda also hinted that Zoro might be a member of the Shimotsuki family in the Q&A section of volume 96. If Zoro is actually Ushimaru’s son, he would have been three years old when his father was killed. If Dragon was in Wano at the time, he could have taken Zoro and then left him in the village founded by one of his ancestors in East Blue, where he meets Koushirou and forges strong ties with Shimotsuki..

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One of the merits of this theory is how it brings together the symbolism of the One Piece dragon.. Ryuma kills a dragon in the Monsters short story, and uses a dragon kanji during his time as a zombie in Thriller Bark. While he was alive, Ryuma also protected his country from the influence of the World Government (Wano is, in fact, one of the few independent countries in the One Piece world). Dragon may have heard this story from Ushimaru and decided to tattoo his face with a symbol similar to the one Ryuma wears to honor him. Even the name “Dragon” could be a reference to Ryuma’s legendary feat.

Zoro and Luffy are already as close as brothers and this would only be the finishing touch to their relationship. The swordsman is committed to supporting Luffy’s dream of becoming the Pirate King with all his might as he has shown in the Wano Arc and his fight against King. If this theory about the connection between their parents proves true, the bond between these two main One Piece characters will go even deeper, adding an exciting new dimension to Luffy and Zoro’s unity in the manga.

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