One Piece: Luffy’s Gear Fifth confirms his great weakness and can be decisive

The latest episode of One Piece has revealed that Luffy cannot control Gear Fifth’s new powers and can condition his next moves.

Luffy’s Gear Fifth is one of the Straw Hat leader’s most powerful transformations.

one piece It is one of the most successful manganime franchises of the moment and it is that they are emerging every time interesting news from the work of Eiichiro Oda that keep fans glued to the pages of the manga or to the screen through the anime. One of the most significant events of the series in 2022 was the reveal of Luffy’s Gear Fifth, the powerful transformation that seems absolutely invincible. However, in the last chapter a weakness of this new form has been revealed it could mean a lot more than it seems.

The situation has arisen through a subtle detail that has not gone unnoticed by the followers, since Oda is used to leaving clues through small winks, so it is totally plausible. Through Luffy’s fight against Lucci in One Piece episode 1070, it was revealed the possibility of transforming into a kind of tornado using Gear Fifthbut his rival manages to dodge it with some ease. When the attack fails, Luffy loses control and ends up burying himself in the ground, showing that the power of the transformation is so great that he does not have full control over it..

This could be a huge problem for the leader of the Straw Hatsgiven that it would condition his combat techniques a lot to avoid causing destruction wherever he goes, something that can be a huge advantage for some of his enemies, especially those without scruples like Blackbeard.

One Piece starts the great war that everyone was waiting for

There is no doubt that One Piece is in one of the best moments in its historysince the series is preparing for the final showdown Y the final war has already begun to take their first steps. The ultimate enemy of the Straw Hat crew will be the world government, with whom they have already had their pluses and minuses. In fact, Kizaru is already heading to Egghead Island to face Luffy and the rest of the crew..

One Piece reveals a new secret of the Devil Fruits

In this way, the outcome of the story is already beginning to take its first steps with one of the most ambitious and epic events that are remembered in all of One Pieceso 2023 will be a great year for all fans of the franchise who want to know how the adventures of the most famous manganime pirates will continue.