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Luffy’s Gear Fifth returns in One Piece to battle Rob Lucci’s awakened form, and the Straw Hat Captain’s ultimate form is still subdued.

Luffy’s Gear Fifth finally returns in One Piece, making its second appearance since its debut in battle against Kaido in Wano. The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates shows that he is now able to fully control his Devil Fruit awakening and that this technique is as mastered as it was when it first appeared, easily dominating another user of Awakened Zoan, Rob Lucci.

Gear Fifth’s appearance in One Piece was one of the most exciting and talked about moments in the entire series. Not only have fans been waiting years to see the next stage of Luffy’s evolution, but the appearance of Gear Fifth also revealed a long-held secret of Luffy’s Devil Fruit origins. The powers of the legendary Sun God Nika are unlike anything seen in the series (and have yet to be fully explained), as they give Luffy “total freedom” to manipulate the world around him, turning everything into a slapstick cartoon. . There remained, however, the question of whether Luffy could access these powers at will, or if they could only be used as a last resort, as happened during the battle with Kaido.

One Piece Chapter #1069 clearly answers the question by showing Luffy immediately entering Gear Fifth after starting a battle with an old enemy, Rob Lucci. Along with the other members of the powerful CP0 group, Lucci arrived at Egghead Island to eliminate Dr. Vegapunk under the orders of the Five Elders of the World Government. They were unaware of the Straw Hat Pirates’ presence on the island, and against better advice, Lucci begins a fight with Luffy, who had defeated him two years prior after a dramatic battle at Enies Lobby. Luffy immediately displays the crazy Gear Fifth antics seen in the battle against Kaido. Despite the fact that Lucci also managed to awaken his Zoan Devil Fruit, Luffy seems to have the upper hand, at least for now.

One Piece Confirms Luffy Can Use Gear Fifth Anytime He Wants

Gear Fifth’s appearance piques Dr. Vegapunk’s interest, prompting him to provide the first real explanation of Devil Fruits’ origins in One Piece. Vegapunk confirms that the Gomu Gomu no Mi never existed and that this false name was just a ruse to hide the true power of Luffy’s Devil Fruit: the spirit of Nika, a legendary god known as of “liberation warrior” in ancient times. Vegapunk says the Devil Fruits are the manifestation of humanity’s desire for change and evolution, but it’s still unclear how that relates to Nika. This chapter, however, confirmed that Luffy can activate Gear Fifth at will and that the crazy, cartoonish antics displayed against Kaido will indeed be his fighting style from now on.

Awakening a Devil Fruit causes a lot of pressure on the user, so Gear Fifth should at least still have a time limit until the series proves otherwise. It is also apparent from Luffy’s battle against Lucci that One Piece fans can say goodbye to the dramatic battles of the Straw Hat Captain. As stated by One Piece author Eiichiro Oda, Gear Fifth allows him to tap into the more comedic and ridiculous side of his story, so that’s the style of fighting Luffy will have from now on.

The latest chapter of One Piece is available from Viz Media.