One Piece: Luffy’s Gear Fifth has the best redesign you can imagine in this fan art

This redesign of the Gear Fifth through this fan art is really incredible.

The Wano arc polished the plot of one piecepreparing her for her final stretchsince it has been one of the longest and most important sagas that the series has had, since information from great relevance and many mysteries that had been hidden for years were discovered.

Also, this arc served so that Luffy could awaken the power of your devil fruit and acquire your epic gear fifth transformationwhich was of great help in defeating an invincible Kaido.

The hype that Luffy’s new transformation has generated has been so much that several fans have decided recreate what was seen in the manga and redesign it in a new way through various fan arthaving really incredible results.

Recently, a Twitter artist has made a fan art to Luffy’s Gear Fifth, giving it a redesign and its result is truly epic. Next, we tell you the details.

This fan art has given a brutal touch to Luffy’s Gear Fifth

The Gear Fifth has caused a great impact on the followers of this work

The Gear Fifth has caused a great impact on the followers of this work

Luffy’s new transformation has caused a great impact since it was first seen in the manga, as his cartoonish shape has given a lot to talk about among the fans of this work, since much is said about the inspiration that Oda had to give Gear fifth this look.

The adaptation of this new form of Luffy is something that has never been seen in One Piece, so it has caused a lot of huge stir among fans. Also, thanks to this incredible power-up, the straw hat was able to defeat Kaido and liberate the country of Wano, which had been oppressed by this villain for decades.

With Kaido’s defeat, Luffy manages to earn a place among the Emperors of the Sea, a title of considerable weight in the pirate world, ranking on a par with characters like Shanks, Shirohige, Big Mom, Blackbeard and the recently defeated Kaido. This feat achieved by the Straw Hat consolidates him as one of the One Piece’s most powerful pirates.

Likewise, the news of Luffy’s new title and his new transformation has traveled the seas of One Piececausing a great impression among all those who know the straw hat, since they have been astonished with the power-up that it has received and its peculiar design.

On the other hand, the Gear Fifth does not stop liking the fans of this work, who have given it multiple redesigns to this form, because they are waiting to see officially animated this incredible transformation of Luffy.

Recently, a Twitter artist named justin9663 he has made an amazing fan art of Luffy’s Gear Fifth, inspired by a Japanese painting style called Ukiyo-e, and the result is truly epic.

In this image, you can see the amazing redesign that Gear Fifth has received in this drawing, which has undoubtedly been really brutal. Likewise, in this illustration there are also former and current Emperors of the Sea, so the artist justin96636 wanted pay tribute to the great pirates of this work.

The result of this fan art is really fantastic, as it enhances the characteristics of Luffy’s Gear fifth. On top of that, the impression given by the other Emperors of the Sea gives it a unique and perfect touch.

Undoubtedly this fan art is a work of art, which surely you want to have hanging at home as a good follower of this work, because its finish is truly epic.

Luffy’s Gear Fifth an unexpected power

Luffy's Gear Fifth has been a truly unexpected transformation

Luffy’s Gear Fifth has been a truly unexpected transformation

Luffy’s Gear Fifth has caused great commotion among all fans of this work, as it has been Oda’s great surprise, since no one expected that the Straw Hat Akuma no Mi was one of the most mysterious and powerful that the series has.

It is known that Luffy’s Akuma no Mi is the Hito Hito no Mi: Nika Model, which is of the mythological Zoan type, this was recently discovered in the Wano arc when the Straw Hat managed to awaken the true power of his fruit. , which is said to house a mysterious God of the Sun called Nika.

Undoubtedly, this revelation has taken everyone by surpriseWell, as far as Luffy was known, he was a user of the Gomu Gomu no Mi, which was of the paramecia type, so this new power-up has marked a great precedent in the work and in the character development of the Straw Hat.

Well, thanks to this new transformation, it has placed itself among the world’s strongest piratescarving a great name for himself across the One Piece seas.

With these new revelations it can be sensed that the plot has already passed to its final phasesince it will not be long to see Luffy crowned as the King of the Pirates and finding the precious “treasure” of One Piece.