One Piece: Luffy’s Gear Fifth is much stronger than you think and this is the ultimate proof

It has been proven that Gear Fifth is much stronger than is believed.

Luffy’s Gear Fifth has shown to have incredible potential.

The surprise of the year in One Piece, without a doubt, has been Luffy’s Gear Fifth, since nobody expected that this pirate would harbor such incredible power that will relate him to the Sun God Nika, this being one of the great turns that this series has taken since the Wano arc.

Little is known regarding Luffy’s Gear Fifth, as he had not had the opportunity to show your skills and great potential. However, it is known that the power that this new transformation gives the Straw Hat is limited only by his imagination, which means that he is exceedingly strong.

However, many fans are assuming that the Gear Fifth is not as strong as it is believed. because of the cartoony and jokey look that has been shown of him, but this has been discarded in the most recent chapter of the manga, since it has been shown that Gear Fifth is stronger than you think. Next, we tell you the details.

This post Contains spoilers from Chapter #1070 of the One Piece manga.

Luffy’s Gear Fifth has been shown to be incredibly strong.

Luffy's Gear Fifth is much more powerful than you think

Luffy’s Gear Fifth is much more powerful than you think

Luffy’s Devil Fruit awakening has given him an incredible transformation called Gear Fifth, with which he managed to face Kaido and defeat himfreeing Wano from the clutches of this oppressor who held her captive for more than two decades.

This new form of Luffy is surrounded by great mysteries that the World Government has tried to hide for many years, since the power that this Devil Fruit grants comes from the old Joy Boy, or Liberation Warrior, Nika, a entity feared by the Five Eldersbecause it is said that his strength is unlimited.

Likewise, in the most recent chapters of the manga, the immense power of Luffy’s Gear Fifth.

The chapter # 1070 of the mangaha brought back the Gear Fifth in spectacular fashion, since Rob Lucci and the CP0 have arrived at Egghead to assassinate Vegapunk. However, this group did not count on the fact that the Straw Hat was in this place, which is why both started a confrontation like old times.

During this match, it has been revealed that Rob Lucci has also increased his strength, as he has awakened the true power of his Devil Fruitwhich has given him incredible speed and power, as demonstrated in this chapter, as this CP0 agent has defeated Sentomaru in one hitwhich has taken everyone by surprise, because he has one of the best defenses in the entire series.

Lucci has defeated Sentomaru with a single blow despite the fact that he blocked the attack

Lucci has defeated Sentomaru with a single blow despite the fact that he blocked the attack

However, this has not been a problem for Luffy, since he has dodged Lucci’s attacks without any effortproving that Gear Fifth is much faster and stronger than this new form of the CP0 agent.

Furthermore, Luffy has made use of a new attack from Gear Fifthto defeat Lucci, called Gomu Gomu no Don Rocketshowing the versatility and great power who has the Straw Hat’s Gear Fifth.

Luffy defeated Rob Lucci with a single attack.

Luffy defeated Rob Lucci with a single attack.

On the other hand, Luffy’s power is so exaggerated that defeated Rob Lucci in just a few attackswhich has made quite an impression, as Devil Fruit users type “Awakened ZoanThey are famous for having great strength and durability.

It should be noted that, the power of Luffy’s Gear Fifth You are limited only by your imaginationwhich gives a small hint of the overwhelming power it currently possesses, which means that there are few characters that could fight against this new form.