One Piece: Luffy’s New Devil Fruit Has Removed His Biggest Weakness


The devil fruit prevented him from swimming… But, now with Gear Fifth this may be irrelevant

One of the most anticipated events of the franchise created by Eiichiro OdaOne Piece, was the awakening of the Gomu-Gomu Devil Fruit of Monkey D. Luffy, even more so when at the beginning of the fight in Wano, we had witnessed the immense power of the fruits of Eustass Kid and Trafalgar D. Law in their fight against Big Mom. This expectation among the fandom for the power of the captain of the straw hat pirates is not for less, as it could eliminate his only weakness: Not being able to swim.

After awakening from the Devil Fruit in One Piece chapter 1044, our protagonist begins to discover that he can now use his rubbery body in absurd and disgusting ways, and can even alter the state of matter of other people or objects. To the point that he ends up being swallowed whole by Kaido and inflates inside his enemy, stretching Kaido’s body so much that he begins to float like a hot air balloon. While this act shows that Luffy can turn his opponent’s body into rubber, there is another even more ridiculous side of this power that he shows later and that opens the way to expectation.

While fighting Kaido in one of the most exciting fights in One Piece, Luffy finally begins to tire and bolts from Onigashima, the floating island fortress. This usually spells the end for Luffy as it happened very recently, an event that even the tyrant thought he had won. Also, this time there was nothing underneath but seawater, which as we know, is sure death for any devil fruit user. However, Luffy’s ridiculous cartoonish powers allowed him to speed up his feet like a Looney Toon and run back to Onigashima directly above the surface tension of the water.. This use of cartoon physics and the seemingly limitless nature of Luffy’s power with his Gear Five make his terrible weakness to drowning all but obsolete.

This means that this could be the beginning of a new era in One Piece, because if the main weakness of the devil fruit has been forgotten, there is the possibility that Monkey D. Luffy can fight in the sea in an impressive way. .

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Luffy’s Devil Fruit Awakening in One Piece

All of these power scaling changes began in One Piece chapter 1045, when Monkey D. Luffy finally woke up from Kaido’s killing blow and demonstrated the true extent of his powers as a Mythic Zoan user. By using the Hito Hito no Mi: Model Nika no Mi (Gomu-gomu no Mi’s real name), Luffy can manipulate his body in almost inconceivable ways, but his power doesn’t end there.

Even though Luffy’s ability to shrug off all forms of damage and completely contort his body in many ways appears to be nearly invincible as an old cartoon, it comes at a cost. The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates drained his energy during the fight with Kaido, his wear was much more noticeable than in other previous fights. This means that although Luffy can be nearly invincible for a few minutes, this power doesn’t last forever.. Despite this, our pirate was able to return to Gear 5 by seemingly simply restarting the drumbeat of his heartbeat. For all intents and purposes, this may mean that Luffy’s Gear 5 could stay active as long as he needs it until his willpower runs out.

one piece luffy gear five

With his new Gear 5 in hand, Luffy seems perfectly poised to finally push Kaido to the limit and defeat the “World’s Strongest Creature” once and for all.. Hit after hit falls from Kaido, and yet Luffy seems to be able to shrug off these attacks easily. However, as shown in the chapter, there is no guarantee that this Awakening will last forever and Luffy needs to make use of his new invulnerability before the time runs out. Only time will tell if this power is here to stay given his overpowered nature and ability to shed his inherent weaknesses, but there’s no doubt that for now, Luff’y Awakening brings him one step closer to finally achieving his dream. to find One Piece.

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