One Piece Makes A Fully Canon Female Version Of Law And This Is What She Looks Like

This is what Trafalgar Law looks like in its official female version.

The new arc has started with great adventures and discoveriessince the power of the devil fruits of Blackbeard’s crew has been revealed for the first time, generating a great impact on the faithful followers of this work.

Also, recent events have caused great commotion and that is that Blackbeard has advanced in their plans to get the One Piece and has decided besiege Trafalgar Law and his crew.

In the midst of these controversies, it has been observed that Law has acquired a gender change which has stunned everyone. Next, we tell you the details.

This post contains spoilers for chapter #1063 of the One Piece manga.

This is what Law looks like in its official female version

In the most recent chapter Law has obtained a gender change and this is how it would look

In the most recent chapter Law has obtained a gender change and this is how it would look

The recent events in One Piece have given a lot to talk about and it is not for less, because great mysteries have been revealed and at the same time Blackbeard has hinted at the plans he has to take over One Piece at all costs, taking advantage of the chaos that has caused the downfall of Big Mom and Kaido.

The current chapter has shown the overwhelming potential possessed by Blackbeard and his crew, as they have besieged Law and his nakamas as they sailed one of the three previously chosen routes before departing from Wano. Kurohige has been moving in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to put your plan into action.

During this Doc Q siege, one of Blackbeard’s crew members has made use of the abilities granted by his Shiki Shiki no Miwhich allows him to control and attack his opponents with diseases, causing Law and his nakama the “Feminization Disease”performing a gender change on all of them.

In this image you can see what Trafalgar D. Water Law looks like in its Female versionmade by Oda himself.

It is noteworthy that Law was able get rid of this disease through the use of his Haki, since he has learned to use it in a very different way during his fight against the ancient Emperors of the Sea. In turn, this served him to help his crew and return them to normal.

It is well known that Oda loves to give him a unique twist to One Piece battles, adding a bit of humor in full confrontation. However, the way things look, everything will quickly turn into a very serious fight that could define the direction of the series hereinafter.

In this episode it has become more than clear plan that Blackbeard has been developing from the shadows to get the One Piece and at the same time steal the most powerful devil fruits.

Likewise, it would not be unreasonable to think that Kurohige apart from wanting take over the Road Poneglyph that owns Law, wants to take over the Ope Ope no Misince it has really extraordinary abilities that it could use later, if it were to steal this devil fruit.