One Piece makes one of its memes even more legendary

A sick horse can turn into a pegasus.

One Piece is releasing various details during these days, leading to the fact that we have been able to know more about the Zoro’s role in the Straw Hat crew among many other data. However, in this case it is time to focus again on the manga, since we have been able to see how a meme of the series has gained popularity and points to continue being the favorite of many.

And this is because in chapter 1063 of the One Piece manga it has been revealed the devil fruit powers of Blackbeard’s crewrevealing here the powers that the different members of the same have and that has had the curiosity that Doc Q’s horse Stronger can turn into a Pegasus being also the possessor of one of these fruits.

Skypiea arc meme returns due to Stronger being able to turn into pegasus too

one piece 1033

Since the Wano Arc there have been big changes in One Piece’s art style from the manga.

And the joke here is found in the fact that the Stronger’s intro parodies the Skypiea sagain which the Straw Hat Pirates met Gan Fall and his bird Pierre, who ate a pegasus-like devil fruit and ended up adapting a ridiculous way that not even One Piece characters could be taken seriously.

To this we must add the fact that it is very ironic that Stronger, a rather sickly horse, has this ability, since in Greek mythology, in which Pegasus has its origin, it has been seen that these winged horses are related to nature and purificationso it doesn’t hit a creature that goes down with sneezing pretty much.

In any case, memes aside, we will have to see what Stronger’s role is in what seems to be the imminent Final battle between Blackbeard and Luffyas both crews will have to give their best in this one.

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