One Piece manga 1020 presents Yamato’s Akuma no Mi

One Piece has tons of Devil Fruits at hand, and they have given our heroes some very strange powers. While Luffy’s treat might have made him gummy, there are all kinds of Akuma no Mi out there, and some may even change the shape our pirates take.

Now thanks to Chapter 1020 of the manga, fans know that Yamato wields one of those powers. It all came to light this week when the series of Eiichiro Oda returned with a new chapter full of surprises.

In One Piece manga 1019, fans verified Yamato as the hero kept fighting his father, and Kaido was not happy to see his son against him. His fight in chapter 1020 forced Yamato to go on the defensive using his Devil Fruit form and reveal that he looks like a wolf deity.

What is Yamato’s Akuma no Mi?

Photo: Shuiesha – Yamato vs Kaido in Chapter 1020

The Devil Fruit is called Inu Inu no Mi. His model’s full name is Okuchi no Makami, and it’s from Zoan type. The mythical Devil Fruit turns Yamato into a legendary wolf, and Kaido goes on to say that the wolf is “a guardian of the spirit of Wano”.

For those who want to know more about this fruit, well, it has firm roots in Japanese tradition. The wolf Weapon it was a real animal, and in the past it was often worshiped by the locals. The Makami were said to be deities that protected humans and protected them from misfortune.

However, as the wolves began to depopulate in Japan, the deification of the Makami became rarer. However, Eiichiro Oda has done his research and given Yamato a form in honor of these gods.

Looking at this new form of Yamato, the hero looks downright terrifying. Yameto receives fiery, loose hair, and the young man has long ears sprouting from his temple. His face becomes generally cunning with a black muzzle, narrowed eyes, and fangs.

This monstrous form is not as graceful as Carrot transformed into Sulong, but it has a certain gravity that suits Yamato. And once Momonosuke takes over his Devil Fruit form, the two of them will be a formidable couple in Wano’s pocket.

Where to read One Piece manga 1021?

You can read the manga from One Piece en MANGA Plus. The Chapter 1021 the next one will be released Monday, August 9 and it will be available for free reading on the official Shueisha app. The Truth News reminds you that the series of anime airs weekly on Crunchyroll.

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