One Piece Manga 1032 reveals Wano’s strongest threat

Some characters from One Piece creator by Eiichiro Oda, have died as a result of Wano War bow. It seems that the defeat of a villain has unleashed something terrible at the Beast Pirate headquarters and threatens to engulf all parties involved in this battle of thousands.

Warning! If you haven’t read the last chapter of the mangaChapter 1032, you might want to stay away, as in The Truth News We dive into some serious spoiler territory. You can catch up with him One Piece manga in the MANGA Plus app.

What happened in One-Piece Chapter 1032?

(Photo: Shueisha) Spoilers for Chapter 1032

The previous manga chapter revealed the dangerous side of Sanji’s powers. Kanjuro was an important character in the Wano Arc, originally painted as one of Oden’s vessels that followed the deceased Shogun until he betrayed his fellow soldiers with the diminutive tyrant known as Orochi.

With the ability to create living paintings that can fulfill a variety of functions, primarily used to help defeat his enemies, the Kabuki-style villain created his masterpiece that he unleashed in the land of Wano.

Kanjuro’s masterpiece is a giant fire being that is slowly making its way towards the basement of Onigashima, where the Beast Pirates’ arsenal is located, which houses countless explosives that would destroy not only the headquarters but also the entirety of Wano Country.

Now that both the Straw Hat Pirates and the Beast Pirates are very busy, the question arises of who will be able to remove the painting from Kanjuro and at what cost. On the other hand, the war continues when the latest installment focuses on Zoro confronting the Pirate Beast King.

With Roronoa unleashing a new power in her sword, the tide might continue to turn in favor of Luffy’s crew, but will they be able to survive Kanjuro’s latest trap? What do you think of this growing threat to the world of Wano Country? Do you think Kanjuro is really dead?

How many chapters does One Piece have in the anime?

One Piece has 1000 anime episodes on Crunchyroll and this issue becomes a historic celebration. Finally, we remind you that Episode 1000 was titled Overwhelming force! The Straw Hats unite.

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