‘One Piece’ Manga Becomes World’s Longest Book at 21,450 Pages

The work one piece is a manga and anime that seems to have no end with more than twenty years of publications and no end in sight. Ilan Manuach, a Greek artist, has built a sculpture in the form of a book that contains all the work of the youth manga. More than 21,450 pages has become the longest volume in the world, of which 50 copies have been made at a price of €1,900 each. A collector’s item for lovers of the series.

The publication took place on September 7 and the copies have already sold out. In order to create the work, he had to print the 99 volumes that the manga has and sew them together, forming a book that is impossible to read. This work speaks of “the profusion of content available online and the rampant digitization of the comics industry,” he explains. TheGuardian.

In legal matters, the French publisher JBE Bookswhich has been commissioned to publish it, refers to the infringement of legal rights: «Manouach’s creation based on Oda’s work does not commit any copyright or publishing infringement, since the book created by Manouach is impossible to read”.

The Japanese publishing house that publishes one piece has stated that it is not an official product and no permission has been granted to publish this work.

Luffy D. Monkey, ‘King of the Pirates’

the sleeve of one piece tells the story of Luffy D Monkey who aims to become Pirate king of your world. With that goal in mind, he embarks on his journey across the wide sea and forms a crew with whom he faces countless dangers.

The history of these pirates has become the most read manga in history, with 416 million copies sold. In addition, it has broken another record becoming the manga with the most copies published by a single author, Eichiiro Oda.