One Piece manga fixes mistake about Zoro’s bounty

Now that the manga one piece is back with a new chapter this week, and the creator Eiichiro Oda still brings energy for more after Wano, and at this moment, the Straw Hats crew is preparing for their next trip, which will take them to a place they have never been before, so the whole gang go, and zoro is on high after his fight with Big Mom.

But there is one detail that didn’t add up, and that is when it comes to his new reward, well, it seems that the staff behind One Piece made a little mistake, so for those who have already read One Piece manga chapter 1058 , you will know that there is an amount that took all fans by surprise, as it was revealed that Zoro’s reward was only 1,111,000, but fans in the United States paid attention to the official translation of Viz Averagewhere Zoro’s bounty was said to be 1,111,000,000.

So they wanted to know which translation was correct, and the staff behind One Piece confirmed that Viz Media got it right, i.e. a mistake was made in the Japanese release of chapter 1058, and Zoro’s bounty is in the billions. instead of millions, so now in future prints this issue will be fixed.

So finally Zoro feels good about his new reward and makes the crew of the straw hats more formidable than ever, to which we must remember that the bounty for Luffy is worth three billion at this point, while Sanji is wanted for just over a billion berries.

So, so far the only other member of the Straw Hats with a billion berry bounty is Jinbe given his former status as a warlord, and well, as for Tony Tony Chopper, well, poor thing doctor is still worth a measly 1000 paunch to the World Government.