One Piece Manga Leaks Like Never Before; full spoilers?

The leaks exist and they are not going to go away, it is what the culture of the Internet of today has. I personally write almost always the leaks of “Dragon Ball Super” and upcoming new anime announcements. It is not something that is always well seen, but there are many of us who expect things depending on which franchises because of the desire to know more. Now, It looks like “One Piece” leaks could happen like never before.

One Piece spoilers could be more beastly than ever before

What is this? well what @newworldarturone of the most famous accounts of all Twitter in terms of “One Piece” refers, has reported that for a loophole in Shonen Jump’s publishing system The “One Piece” spoiler landscape could enter a whole new era.

  • Speaking of the breach of the Shonen Jump system, apparently the implications are that the spoilers of new chapters could arrive more than 10 days before publication. ❗
  • Newworldartur assures that there are already cases of this with the next chapter of the manga, which marks the return of the franchise after the hiatus to establish the final saga of One Piece. ✔️
  • Basically, the tweeter explains what has happened with structure spoilers as follows:
    • Habitually, One Piece scans arrived a couple of days before official publication. ✔️
    • Content spoilers arrived about 3 days before official publication. ✔️
    • Now again, there are spoiler logs more than 10 days in advance. ❗

In a much larger publication, NewWorldArtur explains how this new era of “One Piece” spoilers could be tremendously damaging, especially considering that the manga is published on a weekly basis. Namely, If this trend continues, content from a chapter of, say, a day 16 could be leaked when the one from day 9 has not yet been published. It is clear that this can end up assuming chaos both for those who do not want spoilers and even for those who are looking for spoilers themselves. There’s a solution? No idea. Will it affect other stories like “Dragon Ball Super”? For now it is unknown. But you have to take it all into account.

Synopsis of One Piece

The story follows Monkey D. Luffy, a young man who absorbs the powers of the rubber devil fruit and is inspired by the red-haired pirate, Shanks, to sail the seas. After the shocking statement from Gol D. Roger, the previous king of the pirates who put at their disposal the ‘One Piece’, the treasure that would crown the next monarch, hundreds of pirates decided to start their great adventure. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates will try to make history as new candidates.