One Piece Manga Reveals Luffy’s Crew’s New Rewards – The Third

The One Piece manga finally closed the Wano arc with which the mugiwaras set sail for new adventures. Although the arc ended with more than one disappointment, since finally Yamato, who was expected to join the crew, did not, from the hand of the most recent chapter, Oda has continued with the story and has revealed the new rewards that the different members of the crew have.

After finishing the important arcs and with a great impact, there is always an update in the rewards of the different characters, and this time, Jinbe joins the list of mugiwars, who eventually joined the crew after the Big Mom arc.

He who keeps himself with the least reward, remains Chopper, which went up from 100 to 1000 berries, and is still considered the mascot by the navy. This is followed by Nami with a reward of 366 million berries, Y Brook with 383 million.

The list continues with Franky, who still does not have a photograph of him on the reward posters, and this time he shows the image shows the Thounsand Sunny, with 394 million berries. follows him God Usopp with 500 million berries, Y Nico Robin with 930 million.

Sanji, who had previously surpassed Zoro in his bounty, was eventually relegated to fourth place among the crew, with 1.032 million berries, this as he is surpassed by the recently joined and former shichibukai.Jinbe, with 1.1 billion berries.

Finally, the two highest crew bounties belong to Zoro with 1,100,001,100 berries, and the now Yonko -Emperor of the sea-, Monkey D. Luffy, with 3,000 million Berries.

Thus, the list is as follows:

  1. Luffy – 3,000,000,000 berries
  2. Zoro – 1,100,001,100 berries
  3. Jinbe – 1,100,000,000 berries
  4. Sanji – 1,032,000,000 berries
  5. Robin – 930,000,000 berries
  6. Ussop – 500,000,000 berries
  7. Franky – 394,000,000 berries
  8. Brook – 383,000,000 berries
  9. Nami – 366,000,000 berries
  10. Chopper – 1,000 berries
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