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The official site of one piece shared an unexpected surprise for fans of the sleeve, Well, in a video we can see the production process for volume 102 cover of the series.

Just like 101 volumes before, the cover is drawn by the same author of the work (Eiichiro Oda) that goes from a simple sketch with circles, lines and reference points to becoming the cover of the 102nd volume of the manga, which will be published in Japan on April 04.

Following the frequency of its previous volumes, volume 102 of one piece would have a total of 10 chapters and would cover the events of the series between chapters 1,026 (“Crucial shock”) and 1,035 (“Zoro vs. King”).

With the Wano arc fights reaching their climaxthe one hundred and second volume of one piece is dedicated to the strongest pirates of the Luffy and Kaido crewsthose characters who are referred to as the “wings” that support their respective captains to fulfill the objective of making him the King of the Pirates.

This is how we arrived at a cover especially starring the monstrous trio made up of Luffy, Zoro Sanji together with the most powerful trio of beast pirates: Kaido, King and Queen. Momonosuke also appears on this cover, which could suggest a relevant role within Luffy’s crew in the future.

A cover with the strongest of Wano | Photo: Eiichiro Staff

What do you think of the creation of the cover of volume 102 of one piece manga?

With information from: Eiichiro Staff


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