One Piece May Have Explained The Origin Of The Devil Fruits And It’s Deeper Than You Expect

A major One Piece character seems to have revealed the origin of the Devil Fruits.

The mystery that houses the Devil Fruits could have been explained in this chapter.

Though one piece It is a story of pirates and it deals with all kinds of important topics, such as slavery, nobles, government corruption and more; It’s no secret to anyone one of the central points of this work are the Devil Fruitswhich have appeared since the first chapter and, thanks to this resource, Luffy has been able to face all kinds of powerful rivals.

However, although they are fundamental objects in the story, little or almost nothing is known about them since the beginning of the work. Y After more than 1,000 chapters, there is still a lot of misinformation about it. However, in the most recent episode of Eiichiro Oda’s manga, the origin of this may have been revealed. devil fruits and, if true, it goes much deeper than you might imagine. Next, we tell you all the details, but you should know that this post contains spoilers from sleeve #1069.

The origin of the Devil Fruits may have been explained by Dr. Vegapunk

Vegapunk seems to have explained the origin of the Devil Fruits

Vegapunk seems to have explained the origin of the Devil Fruits

If you have followed the events of the One Piece manga, you will already know that after leaving Wano, The Straw Hat Pirates have arrived on Egghead Island.where they have found what could be the most important and dangerous character for the World Government, as well as being the cause of many events in history: Dr. Vegapunk.

However, the Mugiwara are not the only ones who have arrived on this island, as Rob Lucci has also appeared and he has met the pirate who defeated him years ago at the Ennies Lobby events, Luffy. For this reason, he did not mince words and launched himself against the Straw Hat Captain, demonstrating that he has also been able to awaken his Devil Fruit.

Faced with this danger, Luffy had no choice but to reactivate Gear Fifth to stop Lucci’s advance. This whole scene has been witnessed by Dr. Vegapunk, who analyzes Luffy’s personality to conclude that there is not and never has been a Rubber Devil Fruit, but that, in reality, this is the Nika Sun God Fruit.

Vegapunk has revealed information regarding the origin of the Devil Fruits

Vegapunk has revealed information regarding the origin of the Devil Fruits

But that’s not all, since, in the midst of this situation, the important scientist shares with everyone present his theory about the origin of these mystical objects. For Dr. Vegapunk, these are fruits of hope and each one can represent what someone, at some point, wanted with all his heart.

But, although these Devil Fruits give users great power and everyone seems to be happy with them, this is not the case, since the sea hates this shape that is not natural and what people buy. That is why the main weakness of Fruta users is the sea, since it represents Mother Nature.

Does the theory that Dr. Vegapunk has shared make sense?

This Vegapunk theory seems to make a lot of sense.

This Vegapunk theory seems to make a lot of sense.

It is important to note that, at all times, Dr. Vegapunk clarified that this information was nothing more than a simple theory of his, so I could be wrong. However, when we look at this data, it all fits with what was already known about Devil Fruits before.

In fact, it has always been shown that the sea is the main enemy of the users with Fruit and it has also been declared that “the sea hates them”, as if it were an entity. Thus, this aligns with the “theory” that the Dr Vegapunk has shared with the Straw Hats in Egghead.

However, This is all speculation as long as it’s not specifically confirmed. what is the origin of the Devil Fruits. But, at least for now, the information that this important scientist has shared serves to fill in the gap that many fans have tried to fill with theories over the years.

Although, since the play is in its final stretch and many important mysteries are being revealed, it may only be a matter of time. so that fans can learn more details about the Devil Fruitswhich are the centerpiece of many events that have occurred in the series, such as the search for Blackbeard, for example, or the fact that the “Gomu-Gomu” that had been presented is nothing more than the “Fruit of the God of Sun”.