One Piece: Meet Luffy’s new attack for his current power upgrade

Thanks to the leaks that we have had from the last chapter of One Piece, we have already been able to enjoy Luffy’s new attack in its best form

every time in a manga that has to do with fights between characters there is a great increase in power of one of the protagonists, you have to be very attentive to be able to fully understand all the new powers that you have developed. That is something that has always been present in Japanese comicsespecially in those who have the shonen genre, since they tend to make these changes to be able to make villains appear They have greater strength than the protagonists.

Is about a tremendously repeating structure that of shonen, coming to be seen in other styles but without being so sudden. Basically it is usually based a bit on the path of the constant hero, since the protagonist faces his enemies who are usually more powerful, lose or fail to beat them for another reason, some new or already latent improvement appears and manages to overthrow it. Although it is used a lot, whenever it appears an interesting power up is important take a good look at it, as it brings surprises.

Today we have to talk about a very hot topic in recent weeks since it seems that it could be bundled for this next chapter. Already we have analyzed it on the weband now that we have the first images of the weekly chapter we can talk more about it. We are talking about One Piece, since its chapter number 1070 will be out this week and we are going to talk about some spoilers for it due to the leaked images. we notify in advance so that you do not get surprises later.

spoilers The House of EL

Luffy vs. Rob Lucci, a highly anticipated One Piece match after the timeskip

maybe for many one of the fights they most wanted as soon as it seemed that all the ingredients were going to be given, it will last less than we think. In the previous chapter of One Piece, that is, the one before the one that has to arrive, it seems that Rob Lucci and the captain of the Straw Hats exchanged more than words. Here it was seen that both one and the other were going for everything in this fight, despite the fact that Rob Lucci was told his superiors not to attack Luffydue to its Yonkou position.

With everything and with that we had a first approach of what it seems that we were going to live sooner rather than laterbut this will not end until chapter 1070. The end of chapter 1069 suggested that the fight had not ended between these two, despite the fact that Luffy was somewhat more powerful, since the member of the CP0 was seen quite whole and leaving Sentomaru KO. The page shown at the Jump Festa has left details of a brutal new attack.

One Piece - Luffy

It can be proved, through these few cartoons, that Luffy is unleashing all his power with this attack, since we can enjoy all the abilities he has and it can seem like a lethal attack. We see how he uses a pole as if it were a slingshot to propel himself, something that is characteristic of the awakening of its fruit, in addition to seeing how he takes part of his hair and uses it to make glasses. It all ends with our protagonist hitting Lucci in the stomach, something that it seems that it also deforms himwe assume because of Luffy’s fruit as well.

What will happen in One Piece 1070 so that this is only a first image?

It has only been necessary a single image to understand what is coming in One Piece and many are happy with this. The new attack of our protagonist has been named as Gomu Gomu no Don Rocket, whose most characteristic section is the Gift that translates as white, so it is possible that he uses it for all his attacks in this form, but we will have to wait to confirm it with total certainty.

So far all the small analysis of what we have seen, which the truth is that it leaves no one indifferent and they really want to be able to continue reading more chapters and see where this saga focused on Vegapunk will end. I don’t know about you, but from here we have very interested in being able to see what happens after all this and the “possible” war that is coming. A what theory do you cling to you?

One Piece - Luffy