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Currently, and based on the latest survey conducted by Shueisha, the most popular character of One Piece globally it is undoubtedly Monkey D. Luffy, its protagonist.

Although there are differences by region and country, on average the aspiring Pirate king It is the favorite of the fans of the series.

It is not at all strange that this is the case. Although he sometimes sins innocent, and is undoubtedly a bit stubborn and foolish, this young pirate has a true heart of gold.

Luffy is the favorite character of One Piece

He has only one goal in mind, and he will fight through thick and thin to achieve it. Thanks to his charisma and determination, he has gathered around him an intrepid and courageous crew.

Although he has on his side the power of a Devil Fruit, Luffy it has evolved remarkably. After exploiting his elastic abilities, and surpassing many great rivals, he now follows the path of the right.

This has allowed it to expand and have more resources at hand.

One Piece congratulates athletes at the Olympics who paid tribute to it

Eiichiro Oda, creator of One Piece, created the Devil Fruits as the base of unique and special powers in the series. But he also had the sagacity to create a counterweight for them in the form of mastery of the right.

In the case of Monkey D. Luffy, brings together the best of both sources of power to create a complete character, capable of giving his best in fighting. No wonder at all that Luffy have so many fans not only in Japan, but in the world.

This is how Luffy could look like a woman in One Piece

This is how Luffy could look like a woman in One Piece

This is how Luffy could look like a woman in One Piece

This cosplay sticks to her current appearance

The of arts based on this character are countless, and he also has several cosplays. Like the one we bring you now, a contribution from the cosplayer @ohholyhell. As you can see, he recreated the appearance of this boy in a representation gender bender (sex change).

The attire he wears is the traditional Monkey D. Luffy, with the straw hat, red shirt and blue shorts. He even has the scar and the yellow belt for a belt.

Sure, had to make some adjustments to this cosplay from One Piece. This is why she wears her hair long. We do not know if he is wearing sandals like those of Luffy, but that would be ideal.

It is a good interpretation of this character, taking into account all the details. Currently, the series is in the Wano Country Arc, one of the most extensive. It is not known when it will come to an end, but things are very exciting.

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