One Piece movie soundtracks are coming on vinyl, September 06, 2022

Kana editions continue to expand their vinyl collection of anime soundtracks, and unveiled for next month discs dedicated to the music of the one piece movies.

Covering no less than 9 films (The Clock Island Adventure, Chopper’s Kingdom, The Dead End Adventure, The Curse of the Holy Sword, Baron Omatsuri and the Island of Secrets, The Soldier mechanical giant of Karakuri Castle, Strong World, Film Z and 3D2Y), the double vinyl edition will be released on October 7 and will be offered at a price of €49.99 (pre-orders open at Fnac at this address). On two double-sided discs, more than fifty themes composed by Kôhei Tanaka, Yasunori Iwasaki and Shiro Hamaguchi will be brought together.

Note that the vinyl is an exclusive Fnac and 9e Store (the online store of Kana editions), and will not be available elsewhere.

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Track list:

Vinyl 1 – Side A:

The Thief Brothers Appear

Sanji’s In a Big Pinch!

Terror of the King Cannon

Boroodo’s Confession

Bear King’s Rage

Spirited Swordsman Zoro

Bet Your Life On It!

Mother, Then Setting Off

Butler and His Henchman Appear!

An Enemy is coming!

Sanji vs Snake

Vinyl 1 – Side B:

Big Fight!

Fierce Battle! Zoro & Sanji

Shuraiya vs. Needles

Going Merry, Fly!

Gasparde’s Power

Shuraiya’s Past

As Long as You’re Alive

Luffy Appears!

The Marine Swordsman’s Battle Cry

Action Starts


Luffy’s Fierce Attack

Resort Island


Be Careful

Thoughts Don’t Reach Far Enough

Vinyl 2 – Side A:

Karakuri Defense System, Activate!

Karakuri Defense System, Deploy!

Something Terrible Awakens!

It Awakens!

A Mother’s Love

The Golden Crown Exists!

Ratchet’s Ambition

Karakuri Castle, Transform!

Straw Hat Pirates, Begin Counterattack!

Giant Stronghold, Takeoff!!

Karakuri On Guard!

Luffy Versus Ratchet Round 1

Zoro Versus General Maji

Sanji Versus Captain Honki

Luffy Versus Ratchet Round 2

Vinyl 2 – Side B:

I Will Surpass You!!!

Conviction of the Blackbeard Pirates

Shut up!!! Let’s Go!!!!

Daft Green ~Cause of Tragedy~

Gathering ~Last Desperate Hope~

The Operation Begins ~The Village is Destroyed~

Terror of the Giant Animals ~Things were already bad!~

Sanji’s Leg of Wind ~This is a taste of East Blue love~

The Final Battle ~Giant Thor Axe~

Song of Triumph ~The Islands Fall to the Sea, the People Fly to the Sky~