One Piece, My Hero Academia, City Hunter… Does Netflix abuse live action manga? – melty

By sydney

– Posted on 28 Dec 2022 at 09:00

Netflix has engaged in several famous manga live action adaptation projects. Wouldn’t the streaming platform see too big?

Netflix has a nose. Among the mainstream streaming giants, the Californian company was the first to understand the anime opportunity to increase the reach of its catalog. In a few years, we have seen many jewels land on the platform, such as Naruto or Attack on Titan. Building on this success, it seems that the American group wants to explore the manga world even more, seeking to develop the live action niche. We have been hearing for about a year about the future adaptation of One Piece, whose cast has been teased for some time now. But if this project made in Netflix seemed quite unique for a while, we experienced an acceleration in December with the announcement of several projects at once.

Indeed, we have learned in recent weeks that City Hunter will benefit from a new live action project, led by Yuichi Sato, and intended for release in 2024. My Hero Academia will also follow with a live action whose details are unknown. have not yet been delivered.

What to think of such an accumulation of projects? Let’s be honest, most anime fans only have a limited appetite for these movies. Beyond the case of a Dragon Ball Evolution, which makes everyone agree on its complete lack of interest (to be polite), we remember quite disappointing works like Bleach or even a Death Note where Ryuk looks like to a hastily made cosplay for the Japan Expo.

City Hunter, the live action that will save the rest?

Generally speaking, live action manga populated by protagonists with strong superpowers and highly stylized costumes tend to be really duds. On the contrary, the more “realistic” works, anchored in a daily life almost similar to ours, lend themselves more to the genre. One can think of the French film City Hunter and the Perfume of Cupid which pleasantly surprised an audience, whereas many did not expect anything.

So this time again, will Ryo Saeba be the exception that will confirm the rule?