One Piece: Nami also gets her statue in Japan – Nintendo Universe

The beautiful Nami from the manga and anime of One Piece gets, like her other nakama, a statue in the Kumamoto prefecture in Japan.

This Friday (Saturday in Japan) the installation of a new statue in honor of One Piece. On this occasion, the one that was inaugurated was the one corresponding to Us, the intrepid and beautiful navigator of the pirates of Straw hat. Due to the above, a commemorative ceremony was held, which you can see in the video accompanying this note. The sculptor in charge of her bronze effigy depicted her after the timeskip in the series.

As a detail taken directly from the manga and anime, this monument was placed in the middle of some orange trees. Precisely Us it is closely associated with its fruit due to its past. In the Thousand Sunny, the ship of Monkey D. Luffy and their nakama, there are also some of these trees. But why was it decided to make a statue of her and other characters? It’s all part of a Kumamoto prefectural government project.

It was to celebrate the generous donation he made Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, which was from 800 million yen, just over $ 7.2 million. East mangaka He contributed this money to help the people of this place, which was affected by an earthquake in April 2016. Room He is originally from this region, so he thought it was his duty to support its inhabitants. So these people thank you in this unique way.

The statue of Us it is just one of those that have settled in Kumamoto prefecture. The first one that was installed was Luffy, and that was in November 2018. It was the following year that others were placed. Until now, those corresponding to Sanji, Usopp, Tony Tony Chopper, Brook Y Franky. Who follows after the intrepid navigator? Now it’s supposed to be Roronoa Zoro, and subsequently, to Nico Robin.

As it has become a tradition, if it is playing Pokémon GO near the statue of Us it will be discovered that it is also a PokéStop. What will appear on the mobile screen is a special illustration performed by Room, which celebrates the installation of this effigy. Will you get Jinbe yours? It is to be imagined so, but he only recently joined the band of Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece. It was not in the original plan of these monuments.

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But I want to imagine that those responsible also take it into account, only that they will surely leave it last. We will have to keep an eye on any announcement. By the way, the oranges in the photos are ‘simulated’ – the trees still have to grow a bit.