One Piece: Nami’s Most Depressing Story Doesn’t Make Any Sense

One of the most depressing moments in One Piece and it has to do with Nami, it doesn’t make any sense.

One Piece is a manga and anime that has given us many impressive moments throughout its more than 20 years of broadcastsuch as that blow of our protagonist to a Tenryūbitothe siege of Marineford and many more. But it is not all, since it has also made us cry with some moments so tragic that they have been saved in our minds.

In the world of One Piece, we can find all kinds of characters, which have their motivations very clear. However, there are also some who have suffered in the past and try to achieve their dreams as a way to leave the pain behind. This is the case of Nami, the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates.

this girl lived through hell since she was a girl, because her people were kidnapped and she was enslaved. However, in the end, with the help of her new friends, she managed to free people from her, leading to one of the most satisfying moments in the series. But in turn, this doesn’t make sense some.

Nami: a girl with the dream of making a map with all the seas, but enslaved by a Gyojin

As a child, Nami was enslaved by Arlong and her people were kidnapped.

Ever since we met Nami, she was introduced to us as a girl to watch out for, because he had no friends and stole from anyone who crossed his path. In addition, we were also able to witness that, at the beginning, she had no loyalty to anyone but herself.

But all this hid a helpless, lonely and sad girlwhich had been enslaved along with her people by Arlong, the leader of a band of pirates fish-man. He forced her to draw maps for him and kept her blackmailed for a long time.

Eventually, Nami meets Luffy and realizes what Luffy is capable of. And this is when she she feels so desperate that she cries and begs for help to free his people.

Luffy confronts Arlong and in an exciting and satisfying combatthis is the winner, freeing the people of Nami from the control of the fish-man. It is after these events that the girl joins her crew, since has a dream of drawing a map of the whole world.

However, it is in this conclusion where a problem occurs and, when we see it in hindsight, we realize that it doesn’t make sense.

Why does the ending of Nami’s tragic story make no sense?

Nami was forced to draw maps for Arlong.

Nami was forced to draw maps for Arlong.

Nami is a girl who, despite the fact that Arlong forced her to make maps for him, enjoys doing it. In fact, his dream involves mapping the entire world.

During their fight, Luffy manages to move the battle with Arlong into the room that used to be Nami’s. and where she kept all the maps she had drawn for the fish-man. As a result of this, the entire place is destroyed, including Nami’s maps.

While is true that we could see this situation as something symbolic that represents the liberation of Nami of that past. It is also necessary to point out that all those maps that were destroyed had taken him a lot of time and work to make. Besides that these are a treasure for her.

Therefore, the fact that Luffy has destroyed all her years of work and she will accept it without any consequences, it makes no sense some. This situation could have made Nami much better and given her more depth if she had been upset with the rubber boy.

Those maps represented a dark side of Nami’s past, but they were also his treasure and relate to his dream. Therefore, it makes no sense that she was not angry at least with Luffy for destroying them in their fight, as even she could have used them later for the benefit of him and his crew.

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