“One Piece”: Netflix announces the release dates of the next anime seasons

Between May and July of this year, the platform will release more episodes of the classic anime. (Toei Animation)

Starting in May, more episodes of one piece to the catalog of Netflix. The highly successful anime in Japan and the world will continue to release its next seasons on the platform, after constant requests from anime fans. The animated series is a faithful adaptation of the original manga by Eiichiro Oda which began its publication in the Japanese magazine Shōnen Jump in the late 1990s, and is considered one of the most popular stories to date.

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The episodes from season five through seven will be available in the service streaming next May 22. The seasons eight, nine and ten will arrive on June 22, and finally, from 11 to 13can be seen on July 22. That is, the next few months will be launches for fans of this long story starring Luffy and his companions nicknamed “The Straw Hats.”

The story follows Monkey D. Luffy and his fellow pirates on a journey around the world. (Toei Animation)
The story follows Monkey D. Luffy and his fellow pirates on a journey around the world. (Toei Animation)

At the moment, one piece It has more than a thousand episodes and is still broadcast on the Fuji TV channel, under the production of Toei Animation. Unlike years ago, enjoying this extensive animated fiction is no longer a headache thanks to the rise of streamingbeing released in Netflix and also available in Crunchyroll (specializing in anime content).

How did this journey start? The story starts with Monkey D Luffy and the origin of his inspiration in Shanks, a pirate who saved his life at the cost of losing his own arm. Years later, when he is already a teenager, he sets out to gather a group of misfits to join his crew and thus become King of the Pirates. The road is long and it will not be easy, but the protagonist has an advantage: the power of the Gomu-Gomu, a devil fruit that he ate in his childhood and that allows him to enjoy special abilities such as stretching or generating great strength. Nami, Usopp, Zoro, Sanji, Robin, Frankie, Chopper and Brook will be his great allies until the end.

"one piece" is originally a manga that started publishing in 1999. (Toei Animation)
“One Piece” is originally a manga that began publication in 1999. (Toei Animation)

Netflix will also work on the live action from one piece

Two years ago, the mangaka Eiichiro Oda confirmed that Netflix he would work on a 10-episode live-action production based on his greatest work. Due to the pandemic, the project was put on hold and production did not begin until March 2021 with Steven Maeda in charge of showrunner. A few months later, the official logo of the project was announced and who would make up the main cast.

The cast is made up of Inaki Godoy like Luffy; Mackenyu as Zoro; Emily Rudd as Nami; Jacob Romero as Usopp; and taz skylar as Sanji. Other stars that will be part of the series are Peter Gadiot, Morgan Davies, Ilia Isorelýs Paulino, Aidan Scott, Jeff Ward, McKinley Belcher III and Vincent Regan.

Eiichiro Oda's story will be adapted into a live-action series by Netflix. (Toei Animation)
Eiichiro Oda’s story will be adapted into a live-action series by Netflix. (Toei Animation)

The episodes of live action from the anime one piece They still do not have an official release date on Netflix, but it is expected that its premiere will take place between this year and next. For now, fans can enjoy the initial arcs of the original story and the new chapters that will arrive in the following months.


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