One Piece Netflix: first look at Luffy and Shanks’ boats for the live action series!

news culture One Piece Netflix: first look at Luffy and Shanks’ boats for the live action series!

The One Piece live action series by Netflix seems to mobilize colossal resources. Evidenced by the progress of production in the design of boats. Two new ships have been spotted, and not just any.


  • One Piece: a colossal work
  • The boats are sailing for One Piece

One Piece: a colossal work

The actress who plays Nami

Unveiled to the world in 1997, One Piece no longer presents itself today after 25 years of existence. Universe created by the mangaka Eiichiro Oda, the work is now gargantuan and has broken many records. In particular, it is part of Guinness Book as the most distributed manga worldwide with 490 million circulation. A number that must have changed since then since this figure dates from… July 2021. A success probably due to related cultural products: related stories, films or even the anime which exceeded 1000 episodes at the end of the last year.

And that’s without counting on the series in live action produced by Netflix, announced in 2017 and which seems to be on a solid course since the has been formalized and the shooting started. At the end of January 2022, there are even a few photos from the production which made it possible to know a little more: a boat was under construction while that of Alvida, the second antagonist of the manga, was finished. And since then, the path has progressed well.

The boats are sailing for One Piece

One Piece Netflix: first look at Luffy and Shanks' boats for the live action series!

The actor who plays Usopp / Pipo

Yesterday on Twitter, it’s the page of Mont Corvo, a French Youtube channel with more than 500,000 subscribers which regularly talks about manga and specializes in One Piece, which posts new photos of boats built in the studios like Luffy’s Vogue Merry and Shanks le Roux’s Red Force. The two boats are recognizable: the figurehead of the Vogue Merry is a sheep’s head, which serves as a reserved seat for the Straw Hat, while the Red Force is inspired by Viking longships:

Impressive boats that prove that Netflix is ​​investing heavily in the live-action series. The latest rumors evoke a budget of 100 million dollars, or ten million per episode. Inevitably, if it is necessary to build the boats of each crew… Finally, these photos recall the narrative arcs covered by the first season which should end at the earliest after that of Baratie, even if Arlong Park is not excluded. Before so many dollars invested, we hope that this live-action adaptation of an anime will not meet the same fate as that of cowboy bebop

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