One Piece Netflix: Luffy, Zoro, Nami … The actors of the known live series!

News culture One Piece Netflix: Luffy, Zoro, Nami … The actors of the known live series!

Announced four years ago on the occasion of the twenty years of the manga, the live-action series of One Piece delivers its information in a drop of drip. Today, it is important information that has been published since it concerns the actors who will lend their features to the most important characters in the work.

Yesterday and the day before took place the Netflix Festival Japan 2021, a two-day event organized by the SVOD platform. Held in Tokyo, Japan, this is an opportunity for the platform to unveil some upcoming projects in its catalog. This was already the case yesterday with the announcement of season 5 of Jojo’s Adventure, while One Piece took center stage yesterday.

Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Pippo and Sanji: famous actors

If we know that the live series adaptation of One Piece exists (and has been for a while), the cast chosen for the characters was still unknown. It was during the night, and on the second day of Netflix Festival Japan 2021, that the cast was revealed. It is in particular Netflix Geeked which relayed the information on Twitter, via a video where the actors presented themselves on video.

Monkey D. Luffy will therefore be played by Inaki Godoy, an 18-year-old Mexican actor with few films to his credit. Concerning the swordsman Zoro, it is Mackenyu who will lend him his features. Son of Sonny Chiba (very famous actor), Mackenyu has a number of roles to his credit, notably in the adaptation of live-series anime (Seiya in The Knights of the Zodiac, Enishi in Kenshin or even Nijimura in Jojo’s Bizarre Advendure). For Usopp (or Pipo), it’s Jacob Gibson (Greenleaf) who got the role while Emily Rudd (Dynasty, The Romanoffs) the interpreter chosen for Us. Finally, it was Taz Skylar who was taken for the role of Sandy / Sanji.

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A cast that sticks with the beginnings of the adaptation. It is worth remembering that the first season of the series will have ten episodes, which will tell the beginnings of Luffy’s adventures and therefore go through the narrative arc of East Blue. It is therefore not surprising to see such a cast. However, it is long to see the actors chosen for some of the iconic characters of the series such as Shanks, Baggy or Mihawk.

And if the live adaptation is getting closer to our screens day after day, the release date has still not been communicated. In the meantime, we will have to fall back on either the anime or the paper manga. And the two works soon reach a symbolic level: the first will see the broadcast of its 1000th episode, while the second will see its 100th volume land in France in December.

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