One Piece: Netflix Series Casting Features The Straw Hat Crew

One Piece prepares to debut next 2022 in the Netflix catalog with a live-action, than tracing the adventures of the Straw Hat crew. With Marc Jobst in charge of the direction, this program seeks to adapt the work of Eiichirō Oda to a real image and for this they will have the help of a wide cast, who is in charge of giving life to the characters of the story. It is these same actors and actresses who have been in charge of presenting the production in a new video.

One Piece: The live-action arrives next 2022

First of all: Who will be in charge of interpreting the protagonists of One Piece? The crew will be captained by Iaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy: “Yes! That’s me, the guy with the T-shirt!”, Says Godoy while pointing out the promotional clothes of the series that the entire casting is wearing in the video. “Thank you for everything, thank you for your trust, and we will see you here very soon. I can’t wait to become the Pirate King!

In the video we can also hear Taz Skylar, in charge of playing Sanji, stating that he is “very excited” for giving life to this beloved character. Mackenyu play Roronoa Zoro, while Emily Rudd play Nami. On the other hand, Jacob Romero Gibson shows us that he is as crazy as Usopp and eager to launch into the seas with this particular crew.

Luffy will launch with a crew to search for the One Piece and become the king of the pirates.

As Godoy has well said, the series will focus on Luffy: our protagonist is a young man who dreams of becoming the king of the pirates. For it, Gather a crew to go looking for the One Piece treasure. Along the way, of course, they will experience a myriad of adventures for which the cast is already more than ready. This first season will have a total of 10 episodes, but it is unknown if the series has the green light ready to produce more chapters. We will have to wait to discover the success of this first batch.

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