One Piece: Netflix teases the series with images… before a trailer?

The Twitter account of One Piece posted an image that suggests that the Netflix series adaptation of the manga will soon give news.

The relationship between Japanese anime fans and netflix is sometimes a little tense. On the one hand, we are obviously filled with gratitude to have been touched by the grace of jewels like Devilman Crybaby (and by that of Masaaki Yuasa). On the other hand, it is difficult to forget the industrial accidents that were the adaptations of cowboy bebop or Death Noteoscillating between lukewarm and overly literal adaptations, or on the contrary bordering on blasphemy.

And if the means implemented by Netflix (up to building life-size boats, including the famous Vogue Merry) and the presence of the creator of the manga Eiichiro Oda within production have something to reassure us about this One Piece Netflix sauce, we are still worried. In particular because of the very singular character of the work, within which we find schoolboy humor or powers that could be a magnet for bizarre visual effects. But as the machine is running, this is the official account of One Piece who teased an upcoming event with several images, including one that caught our attention.

No need to be called Conan Edogawa to succeed in deciphering this enigma. If the text tells of the arrival of other photos and the link between a straw hat and what looks like a port, we quickly recognize that it is the one in Cape Town, a city in South Africa where the live-action adaptation is filmed made in Netflix.

The tweet also states that something is going to happen on March 28 (release date of the highly anticipated manga chapter 1044, by the way). What suggest the arrival of a potential trailer for the series ? It’s possible, and in the absence of a trailer, we could perhaps be rewarded with a shorter video, or an image with all the main characters in their costumes. It is also a privileged track insofar as the filming, long postponed because of the pandemic, only began in January 2022.

Forget Kaido, the series will focus on meeting the crew

As a reminder, this is Inaki Godoy (Who killed Sara?) who will officiate as Straw Hat, while Mackenyu (Pacific Rim: Uprising) will play the swordsman with the worst orientation, Zoro. Emily Rudd (Fear Street) will camp the venal Nami, while Jacob Gibson (Greenleaf) and Taz Skylar (War crime) will play the shooter Usopp and the cordon bleu Sanji respectively.

And we are a little scared. If the series has already revealed the palette of characters that it will include in the story, thus revealing that it will focus for its first season on the beginning of the series which narrates the meeting of the crew, difficult not to imagine the difficulties of later adapting bows like Skypeaor showing convincing effects when it comes to Zoan-type Devil Fruit users (imagine Rob Lucci in live-action, there you go, scared).

We are also curious at the editorial staff, what would be the arcs that you would like to see adapted, or on the contrary that you would not like Netflix to grab onto? If we are obviously all under the spell of Water Seven, we are very afraid to see it adapted and to lose its iconic character on our side.