One Piece: Netflix’s live-action series adds 6 more names to its cast

The projects live action They don’t usually come to fruition. Adaptations, as a general rule, are not easy and when it comes to the anime genre, viewers tend to be much more demanding, and this is normal, since the projects that are embodied in that universe are usually very complicated to transform into an anime format. real. The main problemin addition to the digital effects and the long stories that have to be cut, are usually the choices of actors and actresses.

If we talk about one novelor even a video game (depends on the year and the graphic quality that this display), it is easier for the spectator to marry the protagonist in the flesh and bone that is presented, but when the anime and manga come into play things change, because they already have very marked physical features. Netflix is ​​going to try its luck in this field with a new series live action from one pieceanime that has already exceeded its 1000 episodes and that is currently going through a certain peak of popularity due to it.

More names for this live-action

In the past we learned that Iaki Godoy, Mackenyu, Emily Rudd, Jacob Romero Gibson and Taz Skylar would make up the main cast of the series, and now six more names are added to this cast. Morgan Davis (koby), Ilia Isorels Paulino (Alvida), Aidan Scott (Helmeppon), Jeff Ward (Buggy), McKinley Belcher III (Arlong) and Vincent Regan (Garp).

The main photograph of the fiction It started in January 2022 (if the media is correct for now) and for now the series does not have a set premiere date. the new adaptation live action from one piece It is one of the last hopes, really, to see an anime work in real format. Cowboy Bebop hit it pretty hard on Netflix not long ago, dying after its first season and falling short of continuing to expand its story. We will see what happens with the work of Eiichiro Oda in this format.