One Piece: new credits show Kaido’s hybrid form for the first time

One Piece has revealed the first glimpse of Kaido’s hybrid form of Devil Fruit in the anime with the new series opening theme sequence! The Onigashima War has reached a new phase for the anime, and the series has kicked off the new year on a high note. To commemorate the New Year and the new wave of episodes to come throughout the year, the series launched an all-new opening theme showcasing what’s to come in the next part of the Battles of the Country Arc. from Wano, and there’s a lot to see in action.

The new opening theme is called “PAINT” and is performed by I Don’t Like Mondays. This is the 24th opening theme of the series. This new opening, like the ones we’ve seen for the Wano Country arc so far, has a lot to do with Luffy and the Straw Hats preparing for their respective battles across Onigashima, and although we have a tease of each of them, the biggest tease is for Kaido himself, as we have our first full look at how the anime is going to bring his human-beast devil fruit form to life. Look at this :

Appeared in Episode 1005 of the series, Kaido has yet to fully deploy his form in the anime. The episode revealed an update on how the Akazaya Nine fare against the Emperor after their assault in the previous episodes, and sadly it’s confirmed that no matter how hard they pushed against the Emperor, Kaido is still relatively unscathed. In fact, in this new episode, Kaido is still in his dragon form. This means that none of their effort was enough to bring him out of his form.