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Nico Robin has changed over the years and this cosplay shows his appearance after the time jump into One Piece.

For those who follow the manga and anime of one pieceas well as those who draw fan art and practice cosplaythere is a before and after for Nico Robinone of the nakama of Monkey D Luffy. That’s about your appearance. This changed noticeably when the pirates of Straw hat they met her in alabasta and after the time jump. Something that Robin changed was his hair, which he decided to leave longer.

In sabaody he was carrying it by his shoulders and thrown back. In this way he revealed more of his forehead and left his ears uncovered. The tan that she had since she was a child and with which many knew her was in the past. This is how her skin acquired a lighter shade. Although this happened in the manga Eiichiro Oda in the anime it was much more evident and sparked quite a bit of controversy. But the fans ended up accepting this slight change.

As expected, the outfit Nico Robin in one piece also changed. When she reappeared she did so in a blue zippered leather vest. The neck was shaped like a “V”, similar to the one used in the dresses of boa hancock. On one side it has a bluish rose. Said ornament is on the front of her left shoulder. She was also wearing clear-framed, smoked sunglasses.

Although in this last case not too much, but with an orange coloration. To the above we must add some pink heels and a lilac backpack. It should be noted that there are some discrepancies as to how it appears in the work of Eiichiro Oda and the adaptation of Toei Animation. But the aforementioned can be seen in the cosplay of Nico Robin of one piece of the cosplayer Vlada Lutsack (@tniwe).

It can be seen that this cosplayer managed to recreate the appearance of this archaeologist. Although there are some differences in their cosplay of Nico Robin. For example, the shoes that Vlada calza are red instead of pink. However, they are not entirely out of tune with his interpretation. In the anime they have a different hue than the dress she wears but they are still pink. This appearance of Robin he remained present for a time throughout the series.

However, and like Nami, Nico Robin usually varies his wardrobe in each arc. He has even done it more than twice. This is something that has been reflected in the Wano Country Arc, where he appeared in typical Japanese attire. Later he employed others and it is certain that in the Final Sagawhich will soon work Ode, we will see her change her appearance again. That is something that knows how to take care of this mangaka.

One Piece: Nico Robin and his time at Baroque Works in cosplay

Do you prefer a cosplay of Nico Robin before the time jump in one piece? Luckily some time ago I uploaded one of hers with such an appearance. do you still want more cosplay? Then take a look at the corresponding section of nintendo universeThey won’t regret it.

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