One Piece: Nico Robin in danger zone once again – JAPANFM

One Piece has put Nico Robin in the danger zone once again with the latest chapter in Eiichiro Oda’s manga series! More we learn about Robin, the more important it becomes. This has become especially important as the third act of the Wano Country arc draws to a close, and the final pieces of this war fall into place. As the conflict draws to a close, it’s also time to look ahead and see what could potentially happen to the franchise, as it continues to set the stage for any kind of ending Oda could. have in mind.

Whether or not the end of the series begins after Wano’s final battles, it looks like Nico Robin has been placed right in the middle. Not only did she discover some very important things for the next phase of the journey, but because she is truly the only one (as far as we know) who could potentially decipher the Red Poneglyphs and reach the One Piece, she not only became the target. from some of the biggest pirates as we saw in the previous chapters, but also from the world government.

One Piece Nico Robin Danger

In Chapter 1028 of the series, we find CP0 and the World Government continuing to track numbers from both sides of the conflict, and preparing to take Wano on behalf of the World Government if Kaido loses the fight. But an additional order is that Nico Robin must be captured as his existence is revealed to be “the key to the forces of piracy”. This raises several major questions, as we know that the Emperors and the government are trying to take control of several things.

First, there are the three legendary weapons that Robin was able to learn from the Poneglyphs, and second, the fact that Robin alone is the key to piracy. Whether it’s the weapons or the One Piece itself, it’s clear the government wants to take all of this away from the pirates by capturing Robin. She may not realize it yet, but she’s about to become the center of another bitter fight between Luffy and the rest of the world. But what do you think of this new danger for Nico Robin? Let us know what you think in the comments.