One Piece: Nika and Joy Boy, in reality two different heroes? – melty

By sydney

– Published on May 23, 2022 at 1:46 p.m.

What if Nika was actually the very first Devil Fruit possessor? A possession that would have taken place long before the forgotten century, and the era of the famous Joy Boy!

When in One Piece we think of the origins of the current world in which the heroes of the saga move, we obviously think of the forgotten century, all the more highlighted now that with the awakening of the Hito Hito no mi model Nika, Luffy resurrected Joy Boy. Version 2.0 of an individual who lived 800 years ago, and had another name Nika. An individual who also seems to be the origin of everything in One Piece, from ancient weapons to the secrets of this world, to even the fruits of the devil. But aren’t we mistaken in precisely thinking that the fruits of the devil would begin on this date? What if they go back even further? With a different Devil Fruit owner?

A much older ancestor for Luffy

Originally, Shandora

Indeed, we learned during this Wano Kuni arc that there were two mythical entities well known for trying to free the world, namely Joy Boy and Nika. After learning the true name of the gomu gomu no mi, these two figures came together as one. But isn’t that an abuse, a way for Oda to mislead us. We know that Joy Boy can be the name of several different people, since it is the case of Luffy and the warrior of 800 years ago. Wouldn’t we follow the same pattern for Nika?

It is all the more possible that in view of the clues left on the appearance of this Sun God, it seems clear that he belongs to the civilization of Shandora. However, the island was built 1100 years ago, by the Shandias, who were part of the three people with the Skypiens and Bilcans previously living on the Moon. Nika could thus be the founder of this dissident branch of Lunians wishing to settle on earth and not in heaven, a decision motivated by his taste for freedom. It is this same inclination which would have pushed him, once on the Grand Line, to free the slaves.

The first devil fruit owner?

And in this desire to help the slaves, he would have used his knowledge of Lunien to develop the fruits of the devil, variation of a unique model of which he would be the creator: the Hito Hito no mi model Nika. With these fruits of the devil, he would have hoped to give great powers to isolated individuals. The latter would then no longer have to obey the various authorities, including the State – perhaps even making Nika the precursor of piracy. A hypothesis that can be based on a fact: the fruits of the devil were already common 800 years ago. Not only Joy Boy had one, but also Toki. Devil fruits were already in the same kind of place back then as they are now. They already had a long history at that time. A 300-year-old story?