One Piece, Nintendo, Doritos: 5 unusual AirPods cases for a quirky back-to-school season

AirPods cases are becoming more and more popular because they offer optimal protection against damage and scratches. But how about having one that sets you apart?

The AirPods case market is experiencing unprecedented growth. More and more consumers are seeking to protect at all costs what box so preciousintended to contain the famous pair of wireless headphones.

Firstly for security reasons, since once she is damagedit is the durability of the AirPods in themselves that is undermined, then vis-à-vis a purely aesthetic aspect, by moving towards customized models.

If the available designs allow vary the styles, everyone can display their passions freely through this purchase. Whether related to video games, manga or even food, you will see that the famous “box” is customizable at will.

1) The AirPods Game Boy case for those nostalgic for the 90s

The retro handheld console which had conquered the hearts of gamers always leaves us with a little tear in the eye every time we see it. We all remember our multiple memories of childhood or adolescence when we had it in our hands.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours catching Pokemonbuild puzzles on Tetris or walk through the jungle in the company of donkey kong. Not to mention the many quests to accomplish during our adventures alongside Link.

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Game Boy AirPods Case – €15.99 Amazon

2) The One Piece AirPods case to join Luffy’s crew

At first glance, we can say that the logo associated with One Piece manga has no meaning.

On closer inspection, everyone nevertheless clearly identifies central elements from the Serie. Thus, the skull, bones, straw hat, and even the thinness of Luffy are distinctly represented there.

Display this refined symbol on its box of AirPodsas a sign of belonging to this pirate adventure fascinating will no doubt be a source of pride for many.

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One Piece AirPods Case – €10.99 Amazon

3) The Airpods Switch case for gamers at heart

Console the most sold in the USA in 2018 has defied all predictions by becoming a world reference in the world of video games.

A real card to put all the more forward, given that it takes place at the very moment when it must confront mastodons such as the playstation or the Xbox.

The hybrid console does more than defend itself honorablely against the competition, since it manages to hold its own. This is partly thanks to the enthusiasm generated by overpowered licenses such as mario, Zelda Where Animal Crossing.

Nintendo Switch AirPods Case – €17 Amazon

4) The Ben & Jerry’s Airpods case for foodies

These ice creams manufactured by the American brand have awakened our taste buds more than once, especially because in terms of taste, they know how to tickle our palate.

Special mention to the variety of the tastes offered, as well as their originalitylike the Cookie dough, Peanut butter cup or Sundae flavored desserts.

Ben & Jerry’s AirPods Case – €7.99 Amazon

5) The Doritos Airpods case for tortilla lovers

These triangle chips haunt our brains at night, as their seasoning is dosed to perfection.

For a successful aperitif, do without Doritos is an abomination, especially when you have a Nacho Cheese or Sour Cream sauce to complement them.

Doritos AirPods Case – €10.99 Amazon

Even though the most popular AirPods cases are those that offer a increased resistance against damage and scratches, many unusual models conquered individuals.

Those in silicone, transparent or in wood have been somewhat neglected recently, in favor of less classic covers, which have the merit of attracting curiosity.

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