One Piece Now Questioning Wano’s Future Freedom

The war for Wano continues to rage in the pages of One Piece manga, and though the Straw Hat Pirates have defeated their fair share of Beast Pirates who have been thrown their way by the monstrous Kaido, it looks like Wano’s future might be in question by an unsuspecting resident of the nation. isolated. The Straw Hats certainly had their work cut out for them in this latest arc, with each member of Luffy’s crew having their own issues to deal with, though some Wano residents may have bigger problems.

Warning. If you haven’t read the latest One Piece manga chapter 1041 yet, you might want to stay away as we are about to dive into some serious spoiler territory.

This war taking place in the Land of Wa was never going to be easy for the Straw Hats to win, with Luffy and the resistance being vastly outnumbered and the most powerful members of the Beast Pirates being perhaps more dangerous than any swashbuckler that they’ve ever faced. In addition to one-on-one fights, Kozuki Oden’s son, Momonosuke, finds himself having to use his dragon form to keep the Beast PIrate’s headquarters, Onigashima, floating above the ground. If Momo lost control, the falling island would destroy the Wa country.

As Oden’s young son does his best to keep Onigashima in the sky, he begins to doubt that opening Wano’s borders is the right choice to make:

“Father was not a prophet! If he was still alive now, would he really still say “open the borders of Wano”? I’m not smart enough to understand! If that meant exposing the people of Wano to danger, I don’t wish to open the borders! Am I just a coward, Yamato?”

Momonosuke is one of the most likely candidates to become a ruler of Wano if the Straw Hats manage to dethrone both the Beast Pirates and the current shogun, Orochi, and with that line of thinking, perhaps the promise of Wano to be available worldwide. is a chimera despite who wins this war.

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