One Piece: Oda can’t wait to draw a special Wano arc scene

In 24 years of existence, One Piece continues on the same path: the same characters and the same philosophy of life. Yet no arc is like another. Under the pen of Oda, the Straw Hat crew are currently engaged in a war between them and Kaido. His goal is to free Wano country from the tyranny of Kaido and the Hundred Beasts crew. The mangaka meanwhile, says he can’t wait to reveal a special scene from this arc.

Credit: GQ

The Wano arc: a step closer to One Piece

War is raging in Wano country. Some members of the Straw Hat crew, in this case Sanji and Zoro, have defeated their respective challengers. Now it’s Captains Luffy and Kaido’s turn to go head-to-head. At the origin of this battle, the desire of Luffy and his friends, to free the Wano country from the oppression of Kaido and his army who starve and brutalize the people. The outcome of this arc will influence the future of the manga. By defeating Kaido, Luffy will not only restore justice to Wano Country, but will also advance in his quest for One Piece. Indeed, Kaido has a poneglyph road, one of the guides to One Piece. So many good reasons for Luffy to beat him.

The fight between Luffy and Kaido will definitely be the last in the arc. Speaking of which, Oda has announced that a “special moment” will take place before Luffy and his friends leave Wano. During the Jump Festa 2022, he had already addressed the end of this arc. ”I’m surprised the Wano Arc isn’t finished yet! I couldn’t wait to draw “that” final scene of the Wano arc! ”He hinted.

One Piece news

2022 will be a decisive year for Oda. During the Jump Festa, he shared a number of details about the One Piece news. He talked about the upcoming movie titled One Piece : Red which will be released in 2022. The main subject of this film will be Shanks the redhead, Luffy’s mentor. Shanks is a mysterious character from One Piece, who was instrumental in Luffy’s personality.

In addition to managing the manga and the anime, Oda is also the executive producer of the adaptation of One Piece to a live-action series in partnership with Netflix. He has revealed that he will end his work within the next five years.