One Piece: Oda causes confusion by revealing the names of the CP0 agents who went to Wano

After his appearance in Dressrossa, Whole Cake, Wano, and Levely, fans of one piece it has become clear to us that the CP0 will have a great relevance in the final saga of the work This elite group of the World Government is the one that is in charge of the most important and dangerous missions of all, and its members stand out for wearing white, wearing masks and being really powerful.

Back in the day I made a article in which I collect all the important information about the CP0, although this morning I had to update it after reading some new statements from the author of One Piece. According to Eiichiro Oda, there was a little confusion with the name of a characterand now the fans have a mess in the head.

Be careful because next I will talk about some events that have not yet taken place in the anime (SPOILER), so if you do not follow the manga I do not recommend you continue reading.

Doubts about the state of Guernica

  • Manga readers saw how a member of the CP0 escaped alive from Wano and how a marine informed his superiors that Luffy’s photograph with Gear 5 had been taken by Guernica
  • After this everyone assumed that the individual who successfully fled the island was Guernica, however this changes after the text included in the One Piece SBS 104 (via Artur – Library of Ohara)❗❗❗
  • In this Q&A section with fans, Oda revealed the names of all the CP0 agents who were in Wanoand Guernica is not the tall guy who runs away from the place, since that one is called Joseph❌
  • So who is Guernica?: this person was the leader of the group and the one in charge of sabotaging the fight between Kaido and LuffyY he was supposed to have died after a deadly attack of the Yonko✅
  • If Guernica was the one who took Luffy’s picture, Does that mean he’s alive or did he get it while he was wounded, give it to Joseph, and then die?❓❓

It is not at all clear if this character managed to survive or not to his terrible face to face with Kaido, so it will be time to sit down and wait patiently for Oda-sensei to confirm or deny it. Do you think we’ll see it in the Egg Island arc or much later?

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