One Piece: Oda revealed the biggest secret of the one-person pirate epic

It doesn’t matter if we’re on the original manga or the anime adaptation to speak, a play is undoubtedly one of the most popular stories ever imported from the Far East, in both forms. Not least thanks to the extraordinary world, the adorable characters and of course the many secrets, the creators Eichiro Oda slowly creeps into the plot.

But one riddle hasn’t been solved for fans to date and has been worrying them for almost 25 years for headaches, countless discussions on the net and amazing many theories. We’re talking about the One Piece itself, the legendary treasurethe one at the end of grandline waiting for the pirate king.

One of the editors Oda works with on fantasy work on pirates, devil fruits, and bizarre characters recently maintenance reveal that of manga artist shared with him the secret of the true nature of One Piece. An honor that no one has ever boasted of.

What is the single piece?

One Piece is a mix of adventure, comedy and a lot of action, which has established itself as the best-selling manga of all time in recent years and despite the long term the work raises even more questions than mangaka Oda is prepared to answer. It reveals a few things here and there secretbut much is still hidden.

Instead, the creator scatters this popular pirate story for many years only minute details and reveals the gigantic fan base only to the extent necessary at the relevant time. And so the show’s biggest secret remains a mystery to this day: what exactly is One Piece?

This fabulous treasure is hidden at the end of the Grandline and only one pirate has managed to reach the place until today: Piratenkönig Gold D Roger. He alone has succeeded so far, the four Road Poneglyphs to collect, ancient blocks of stone that tell their owner the location of the last island where the One Piece is hiding.

After Roger achieved his goal and found out what One Piece really is, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud, which is why he gave the island the distinctive name. tale of laughter awarded.

And aside from Oda confirming that the One Piece is a real thing and no concept like what friendship looks like, so far we haven’t been able to find out much more about the MacGuffin from this adventure story.

© Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Toei Animation

We know the answer

During his execution, Roger revealed to the world that the One Piece actually exists, giving him a new era of pirates triggered and suddenly everyone was trying to claim the treasure for themselves. This includes the protagonist Monkey D Luffywho wants to be the next Pirate King.

What Luffy will find at the end of his journey is a question that very few people in the world can answer, but according to a maintenance Oda has his friend and colleague, dem Iwasaki Editorreveal what One Piece really is and how the story will end.

And he could hardly have chosen a more fitting time than this. May 28, 2020the day Oda inaugurated his friend and colleague editor’s birthday. Can there be a more beautiful birthday present give for a true one piece fan?

Of course, he didn’t want to share with the fanbase exactly what Iwasaki was told, or share the question of whether Yamato the straw hats will connect, remained unanswered. But it’s probably for the best, because that way we can all figure out the last secret together. A day that we are already looking forward to.

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