One Piece: Oda reveals what’s under Doflamingo’s glasses (and no, you won’t see his eyes)

Eiichiro Oda has a way out for everything as he has shown in the more than 900 chapters of One Piece. The series has reached an incredible level of maturity with the Wano Country arc, where Luffy is predictably going to face Kaido. The Yonko is just one more obstacle in his career to become the King of the Pirates, but to know the end there are still 5 years of minimum series left. And he has not been the only one because he has had to face the baddest baddies of One Piece such as Sir Crocodile or Donquixote Doflamingo, who hide something behind the glasses.

Or really not? Doflamingo always wears glasses with a very peculiar style, quite extravagant. He is possibly one of the most eccentric antagonists in terms of his looks, so fans are wondering what to see behind the glasses. Many characters have different colored eyes and there are also ridiculous villains in One Piece. However, in the SBS of volume 85, Eiichiro Oda solved this question with the humor that characterizes him. He drew Doflamingo taking off his glasses, something really unusual, but under them there was a second pair of glasses identical to the previous one. In Oda’s words, if Doflamingo takes off his glasses “Another pair of glasses appears instantly”.

Eiichiro Oda solved the mystery of Donquixote Doflamingo’s glasses with quite a bit of humor.

What do you think of the author’s answer? Perhaps you hadn’t even thought about what’s behind those glasses and improvised to solve the mystery. There are many characters that do not explain why they have some characteristics, although Doflamingo did show a taste for sunglasses since I was a child. But certainly that reason has not been enough for fans who still wonder what is underneath.

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