One Piece: Oda would skip meals in order to move forward on his manga The Siver Times

By Yone

It is not uncommon to hear about mangaka having health problems. But obviously, nothing stops Oda when it comes to moving forward in One Piece.

Just a few weeks ago, fans were worried about Kohei Horikoshi. The author of My Hero Academia indeed seemed to encounter serious health problems forcing him to take his third break since the beginning of the year. He’s not the only mangaka in this situation. The most infamous case is certainly that of Togashi, author of Hunter x Hunter, who has such problems that he regularly has to take breaks in his title. But lately, it’s Eiichiro Oda, author of One Piecewhich has been talked about on the subject of the health of mangakas.

Two days ago, the Twitter account @sandman_AP indeed revealed remarks made by Oda. In 2022, the mangaka admitted to working several days without eating, thus losing a lot of weight. Then, when he’s finished, starts eating, making a real yo-yo. The mangaka’s personal doctor would also have warned him about his blood pressure being too high, although the author does not see a real problem there. Revelations that may worry fans of One Pieceespecially with the forthcoming arrival of the live-action series signed Netflix.

One Piece: Oda speaks openly about his health problems, a subject that worries

This is not the first time that Oda has openly discussed his health problems, but also his relationship to work with One Piece. More recently, at the end of March, Oda explained that he suffered from sleep disorders and in particular lack of sleep. Although the author seems to “laugh” at his hypertension, the result of his poor diet, the stress and the sedentary nature of his profession, Oda nevertheless declared that if his health were to really deteriorate, One Piece could go on without him. Words that are reminiscent of the situation of Berserk following the death of its author Kentaro Miura.

Although for the moment Oda is still able to pursue One Piece, his work on the manga, but also on the Netflix live-action series could seriously damage his health. Especially since the Netflix series won’t be released until it gets the mangaka’s approval. And you, are you worried about the future of One Piece and Oda’s health after his revelations?