One Piece Odyssey: an ambitious JRPG for the 25th anniversary of the manga

An original story and new characters, including Adio, developed under the direction of Eiichiro Oda for One Piece Odyssey.

Developed by ILCA studio, One Piece Odyssey is a completely new role-playing game with turn-based combat and an authentic immersive world. During their journey, the Mugiwaras are engulfed by a huge storm at sea. They find themselves on a mysterious island with the Thousand Sunny completely shattered. The crew of Monkey D. Luffy will therefore go to meet the inhabitants, but also powerful enemies, in the middle of an unleashed nature in order to be able to return to the sea.

I was thinking lately – wasn’t it three years ago when I drew the characters?! Haha! But when I actually saw the game… Wow! I felt like I was watching a movie! What an incredible immersion!“, said Eiichiro Oda, the author of the One Piece manga.

A developer diary for One Piece Odyssey

Katsuaki Tsuzuki, Producer at Bandai Namco, says, “The genre of this new project is JRPG. It’s been a long time since One Piece was developed like this. I hope I can deliver an epic Mugiwaras drama adventure that One Piece fans and JRPG fans can experience and enjoy. I thought to myself that one of the most fascinating points of One Piece was the adventure, and so I thought that a project based on the JRPG genre would be very interesting to offer a One Piece adventure experience like never before. previously. So it is with the following question in mind, ‘What should a One Piece adventure offer?’ and the concept of an epic adventure to discover the world of One Piece that we collaborated with a development team that had the know-how necessary to create a full-fledged JRPG. The fruit of this long-term collaboration is One Piece Odyssey. As I said before, the concept of this project is the epic adventure to discover the world of One Piece. It was necessary to expand the places accessible to players and we wanted to be as faithful as possible to the original work. So we asked advice from Eiichiro Oda, who designed the characters and monsters to energize the world of One Piece in the game.

He adds : “The characteristic of this title is that it is a JRPG. We’ve been focused on creating an in-game One Piece experience that encompasses the epic adventure of the universe. We have incorporated the artwork designed by Eiichiro Oda and the various backgrounds that the art team created to build the world of One Piece based on the backgrounds from the manga and anime already developed to date. Therefore, we are confident that we have prepared realistic and immersive scenes for the adventure. And the most attractive point of this title is the possibility of going on an adventure in these environments using the Mugiwaras. In addition to these environments, unique experiences of One Piece JRPG are scattered throughout the game, such as the story weaved by the Mugiwaras, experience in dungeons, and various quests. They will be presented to you progressively in the future. One Piece Odyssey, the latest game from the One Piece license that was revealed to you today, is probably the first title that has been developed so meticulously over a long period of time.