One Piece Odyssey: Are you still hesitating? Go play the demo now available!

Fans of Eiichiro Oda’s work have reason to rejoice: an RPG production around the world of pirates will soon be available on consoles and PC (Steam). In One Piece Odyssey, players will be immersed in several adventures that have marked the course of Luffy and his crew but also in an untold story. Bandai Namco’s production will allow One Piece fans to travel through Alabasta, Dressrosa or even Water Seven.

But while the release date of One Piece Odyssey is set for January 13, the Bandai Namco teams wanted to offer a demo available now !

The demo is available… but not for everyone!

For those who are not yet convinced by the previews of the production, a two-hour demo is now available for budding pirates. To access it, simply download the demo directly from your gaming platform: PlayStation or Xbox. Unfortunately for PC players, you will have to wait until the game is released because no demo is planned.

Regarding its content, the producer of One Piece Odyssey explains that the adventure begins with Luffy and his crew landing on a mysterious island named Waford. On it, they meet Lim and Adio. If you’ve completed all the One Piece manga and never heard of it, that’s because these two characters were created for the game. The main purpose of this demo is therefore to introduce the beginning of the story but also the operation and especially the turn-based combat system.

A gift for those who have made the demo

May those who have completed the two-hour demo be reassured, a backup transfer will be available so users can pick up right after the demo content by launching the full game. In addition to that, players will be entitled to a little surprise. The latter is a set of three golden jellies that will prove very useful for the One Piece Odyssey adventure. They will be offered when launching the save in question on the full game.

Fans of the license can therefore fully embark on the adventure now through this demo. For the rest, it will be January 13 on PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series!