One Piece Odyssey: Bandai’s JRPG unveils its first gameplay elements (video)

Earlier in the year, fans of manga and anime were surprised to discover the announcement of bandai namco and his neighbor video game One Piecetitled One Piece Odyssey. The work ofEiichiro Oda Now one of the most popular of its kind, the game aims to honor the universe imagined by the mangaka, while allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the adventures of Luffy and other crew members Straw hat. But if until now we didn’t know much about the gameplay, a recent video reveals more about what we can expect from this JRPG.

A new adventure begins

Having become a real UFO in the industry thanks to its longevity and its still impressive popularity, One Piece It’s been on the list of manga classics for a long time already, with Oda’s work having allowed many uninitiated people to try their hand at various iconic Japanese media, such as manga and anime. And as Luffy turns 25 this year, Bandai Namco is bringing fans a brand new video game, One Piece Odysseyin which you can embody the emblematic members of the famous Straw Hat crew.

But if until now we have very little information about the gameplay of this next game One Piecea recent video posted just yesterday on YouTube via the official PlayStation account finally gives us a look at the gameplay of One Piece Odyssey on consoles. We can thus discover the system of exploration and character changes, but also and above all the functioning of the combat well as the place of the story in the game. Discover without further delay what will be the gameplay of this next JRPG dedicated to One Piece.

The video begins by showing the characters back in Nanohana, which is none other than the first town in Alabasta that the Straw Hat Pirates visited when they arrive in the Kingdom of the Sands. The game thus offers to discover certain emblematic places of the original anime, while adding an RPG dimension to the whole, in the sense that you can interact with many NPCs. But in addition to exploring known places, players will also have the opportunity to discover Waford, a mysterious and never-before-seen island.

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One Piece Odyssey will also allow free switching between members of the Straw Hat crew, a feature that will be particularly important for the exploration phases, since each member has a field action (or “field action”) unique. We can notably see Chopper sneaking into narrow spaces using his small size, or even Luffy using his elastic arms to reach high places, not to mention Usopp and his shooting skills.

Now let’s talk about the part that everyone is interested in, namely the fights. The video confirmed that these will be turn-based, where we can then find the combat system of a classic RPG, with the use of attacks, skills or objects. The presence of different types also makes it possible to influence the level of damage inflicted and received.

One Piece Odyssey Explains Oda

The gameplay images also emphasize certain peculiaritiessuch as the “Scrambled Area Battle”, fights during which each character is placed in a different area, and where each fights for his own survival. The video also highlights the many skills each member of the Straw Hats has., which can attack one or more enemies, but also heal allies or cause changes of state. We also note the presence of different styles of attacks, which can be long and short range, allowing players to establish different strategies depending on the situation.

You can also find many secondary stories there. as the player progresses, some allowing interaction with the residents of the world of One Piece, and others, called “Bounty Hunts”, will allow you to hunt down other pirates in exchange for a nice little jackpot. An option that is sure to interest Nami.

The release date of the game One Piece Odyssey is scheduled for January 13, 2023and will normally be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC via Steam.

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