One Piece Odyssey: Can you enjoy the game without having seen the anime?

Officially, there is less than a month left for bandai namco Launch worldwide one of the most anticipated video games for all anime fans. After many failed attempts, One Piece Odyssey could be raised as the first title that properly captures the essence of the manga Created by Eiichiro Oda. It is one of the longest and most exciting stories of the last twenty years, how is it possible that it still does not have a game at its height?

The community will not be able to leave doubts until the day comes January 13th Y One Piece Odyssey is released for PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X|SHowever, there is a matter that I can confirm to you now. It is about its plot and its relation to the canon of the original manganime. Is it necessary to have seen the series to be able to enjoy the ILCA game?

One Piece Odyssey is a game suitable for all audiences

  • The first thing to clarify is that One Piece Odyssey’s plot is totally originalalthough it has been written by Eiichiro Oda himself (OP’s author)❌✅
  • Despite being a completely new story in the universe of the play, Luffy and the others travel to various “Worlds of memories” in which they relive events that did happen in the manganime
  • A priori this could be an entry barrier for One Piece neophytes, however the game has numerouss flashbacks that put the player in contextinforming you of everything you need to know to enjoy the dialogues⭐⭐
  • For example: if you go to the world of alabasta and you don’t know anything about what happened there, a cinematic will take care of telling you who Vivi is, who you have to defeat or what the goals of the mugiwara are in said place✅👍

If we take these points and analyze them a bit, the conclusion I come to is that One Piece Odyssey is an RPG that can be enjoyed by anyone. It does not matter if you are the biggest fan of Luffy or if you have not seen a single episode of the series, you will have a great time with this adventure. If you want to know what I thought of the video game after trying it for a few hours, I invite you to read my impressions.